Urging mask use should have happened at start

To the editor:

So after COVID-19 has been in the country since at least February and a face mask mandate from the Pennsylvanian Department of Health since April, Mifflin County officials have finally decided to urge residents to wear masks.

Too little too late, what Mifflin County should done, and this has been in numerous towns and cities across the nation is have the local law enforcement enforce the face mask mandate from the beginning with a fine of $300 for not wearing one, just like they have in State College.

The officials claim that the increase in COVID-19 cases is the reason they are finally urging residents to wear face masks. Really? A little hint for the officials, if they had enforced the mandate from the Dept. of Health from the beginning, the increase would not have been that bad and the local hospital would not have the increase in cases that it does.

As for the increase in cases of COVID-19, there are two reasons for that happening: local law enforcement not helping to enforce the face mask mandate, which, by the way, is covered under two Acts of Law (Public Health and Safety Act and the Diseases Prevention and Control Act), and the fact that this county is littered with anti-maskers who believe that something tiny will not harm them or that they will not allow something invisible to control their lives.

Once again this “urging” is to little to late.

George Fisher



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