Garage Sales

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STRODES MILLS (Along 522 near Dickson's Garage) Multi-Family Yard Sale Friday August 25th 7:00AM -7:00PM Everything from A to Z. Even a table & 2 benches from Cargill's Restaurant.

Address: Strodes Mills, PA 17044


LEWISTOWN WEST END VARIETY STORE (Former Steeles Rental Bldg. on 4th St.) Opening Sat. Aug. 19, Mon. thru Sat. 10am-7pm Large variety of items including furniture. (We Buy Gold)

Address: 4th St., Lewistown,PA 17044


BELLEVILLE 26 Stonewood Drive Wednesday & Thursday 9 - 5 Tapco 10' 6" brake, aluminum ladders, tools and hardware,appliances, wood stove, pellet stove and household

Address: 26 Stonewood Drive, Belleville, PA 17004

Listings: 3