Criminal invasion is slowly ruining country

To the editor:

I am starting this letter by providing the definition of the word “criminal.” That definition is “one who commits a crime.”

Every person who is crossing our southern border without following the legal immigration procedures which the U.S. has established and documented is a criminal.

Putting things in perspective, what would all American citizens’ (including Democrats, Republicans and independents) feelings be if there were Russians/Chinese uniformed soldiers doing the same thing as the present criminals? I would like to think that there would be 100% support to stop that invasion. With today’s political environment in this country, that may not happen.

Believing that all American citizens would be in support of stopping a Russian/Chinese invasion of the southern border, the government would address that situation immediately because of the immediate, spontaneous consequences of such an invasion.

The only difference I see between a Russian/Chinese invasion and the criminal invasion which we are now witnessing is the time frame of the consequential results of these two scenarios.

I wish all Americans would realize how damaging this criminal invasion is having and continues to have on the destruction of our country.

The invasion by a foreign power is obviously an instantaneous threat of which the consequences can be witnessed immediately. But this criminal invasion is going to be the slow death of this country.

This criminal invasion is over-burdening all aspects of our American lives. Just a few of the national aspects which will be negatively affected are education systems (preschools through high school), health care, fair election procedures (influx of more potential illegal voters after U.S. citizens have just experienced the most questionable, unethical election in our nation’s history) and the job markets (these criminals are cheap labor, which has a negative effect on keeping wages lower).

I am a retired elementary physical education teacher who retired just a few years ago. At that time, our school had a small number of Spanish-speaking students and one Chinese-speaking student. These students were very nice children but the lack of communication put a stress on their abilities to learn and their teachers’ abilities to teach them. In addition to all the IEPs (individualized education program) these teachers needed to deal with in their classrooms, the communication gaps created a much more demanding classroom environment.

The scenario which I was speaking of was just a few short years ago. This stress on our educational systems has magnified enormously since my retirement and with this massive influx of non-English speaking students, the problem will be devastating to our schools. As a result of our American students being more “Zoomed” than in-person teacher taught in the COVID-19 era, the addition of more non-English speaking students to the systems will continue to rob our future adult American citizens’ abilities to excel to their most potential.

Our health system will be greatly impacted because these criminals have invaded from countries which possess a very high poverty status within their citizenships. As a result of their lower economic potential, they have lacked the health care which we Americans have been very blessed to have. Many of these criminals lack the general vaccinations which are so common in our society. Evidence of that was the reemergence of measles, mumps and other childhood diseases which have become more prevalent since we have been experiencing the invasion over the last few years.

Since all these criminals will become introduced to our health system, somebody is going to feel some eliminating of their health services to cover these individuals. Since a large part of the American citizenship is over 65, I believe that group will be the ones who begin to feel a negative effect on their coverages. Just remember who is in control now and who was in control in the states which had astronomical COVID-19 death rates in their “old folks” homes. Reflecting back to the Obama era, his supporting Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel stated that “life after age 75 is not worth living, so why waste so much health care money on them?” Scary thought and maybe an explanation for the blue state’s high “old folks” homes’ death totals.

Also, remember these invaders are being granted passage into America without being tested for COVID-19.

During this COVID pandemic, it seems insane that we would be encouraging this invasion. Many patriotic Americans believe that these criminals are being encouraged to invade because they might be potential future Democratic voters.

Also, the Mexican drug cartels and coyotes are monetarily benefiting from this illegal invasion of our country. These two groups are probably working together to enhance this invasion because the coyotes demand payments from the criminals to illegally cross our border and the drug cartels are using some criminals to transport drugs. With our border guards being so overwhelmed and being distracted by this massive invasion, the drug cartel can find more holes in our border to transport drugs. One of the main drugs being transported by the cartels is fentanyl. Does anybody know what country produces the most fentanyl? Might it be China? It is!

If we remember back to 2020 when the Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family’s China and Russia ties stories surfaced, I wonder if the chickens are coming home to roost. There was evidence showing that the Biden family was astronomically compensated for dealings with a Chinese company, a former Russian mayor’s widow and a Ukrainian company. Isn’t it funny how these stories have blown with the wind?

If China is providing most of the fentanyl to the cartels, doesn’t that mean that China is indirectly financing this invasion? The cartels have to purchase the drug from China to be able to smuggle it across the border. Just a thought, could this be why President Biden has opened the border? China has evidence to show that the Biden family was receiving massive foreign compensation through Hunter Biden and his family including Joe. If so, how treasonous! Also, the Democrats in the House, the Senate and all in the Biden administration are guilty of supporting the illegal invasion of our border. These clowns are in violation of the so-called solemn oaths which they have taken to defend our country by obeying and enacting our laws. If they are not following their solemn oath, isn’t this a criminal act?

So we have our D.C. criminals supporting the criminals who are illegally crossing our border. Why isn’t the allowance of this invasion treasonous?

I am 68 years old. I can faintly remember during my elementary school days when we practiced how to respond to a missile attack (conventional or nuclear) from Russia. As I got a little older, I can also remember a clique of some high-ranking Russian government officials stating this: “We, Russia will never have to fight a war with the U.S. because they will destroy themselves from within.” I believe that clique will be right.

The invasion at our southern border is beginning the slow destruction of this country. It is ironic that we are spending so much money and time addressing this criminal invasion when we have many homeless Americans (many veterans) whom we totally ignore. The childish, insane cancellation of the Trump border policies by Biden is the specific reason for this criminal invasion.

Why do these criminals demand so much attention while we ignore our own citizens’ needs?

I would hope all Americans, even those who voted for the Democratic Party’s takeover of our government, would demand an answer to this question.

Dave Quay



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