We commend Lewistown Borough Council for doing the right thing

Allow us be the first to publicly congratulate Lewistown Borough Council for doing the right thing and reopening discussions to work toward a county-wide municipal authority.

The borough surely saw the writing on the wall after the May 18 primary, but as we have noted, easily could have chosen a different path.

One change in the updated version of the agreement we are happy to see is making it binding. If that had been the case with the original Memorandum of Understanding, there would have been no conflict over the past few months — no ongoing effort to sell off Mifflin County’s water supply.

It was a wise decision that, when the signatures dry, will be a step forward for the county, and for Lewistown as well. Ratepayers in every municipality served by the system will have a voice, and Lewistown’s — based on the number of connections in the borough — will be justifiably louder than the others. The removal of veto power from borough council over the authority’s actions also is good for Lewistown — it will not have to legislate on behalf of entities over which it has no control, taking pressure off the council.

Most of all, it provides Lewistown Borough with one thing it wanted — needed — that was agreed to all along: funding. Regardless of the authority’s past, this is a chance to celebrate its future, and Lewistown’s, with an agreement everyone has already said they are happy with.

Lewistown should quickly appoint its members to the new Mifflin County Municipal Authority, residents of the community — hopefully, not employees who could feel pressured to please their bosses — who have the foresight to ensure a clean supply of water for decades to come.

Thank you, Lewistown. We commend you for doing the right thing, and look forward to a bright future with a new municipal authority.


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