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Nurses demonstrate life in pandemic

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Tiffany Boozel and Bonnie Bowsman, Geisinger Lewistown Hospital nursing operations managers, provide a presentation at the Rotary Club of Lewistown meeting.

LEWISTOWN — Nurse managers from Geisinger Lewistown Hospital shared stories with local Rotary Club of Lewistown members of what life’s been like for frontline workers during the pandemic.

Tiffany Boozel and Bonnie Bowsman dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to demonstrate what patients experienced while being treated in the hospital’s COVID-19 units. Their presentation hit home for many in the audience who have been personally affected by COVID.

Like others in the Geisinger family, Tiffany and Bonnie are fully invested in caring for their patients. And they’re committed to allowing our community to understand how much the staff at Geisinger cares.

“We are proud to be your healthcare workers, caring for you and your families in your time of need,” Tiffany explained to the audience. “We experienced the highest of highs when discharging a patient who we cared for. And we experienced the lowest of lows the very next moment. It has been a roller-coaster.”

Bonnie and Tiffany expressed their gratitude to the community for their support over the past year.

“It has been humbling to be supported by our community,” Tiffany shared.

“For one whole year, Dominos delivered pizzas every day for our staff,” Bonnie said. “Businesses donated supplies and resources. Our community went above and beyond.”

After the presentation, Rotary Club members asked many questions related to the virus and the vaccine, which Bonnie and Tiffany were happy to answer.

“We wanted to hear from them,” Tiffany said. “Our hearts are open to them.”


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