Tiger Pride hosts cereal box drive

EJES builds domino line made of cereal boxes

Sentinel photo by KIER HARRIS
The EJ Tiger (Samantha Liberatore) poses with the kids beside the cereal domino chain just before the event kicks off. The Tiger follwed close behind the falling dominoes with videographer Lindsay Walter as the kids cheered the entire procession along.

East Juniata Elementary school was abuzz with cheers and laughter Thursday afternoon as the students lined the halls and excitedly cheered their EJ Tigers mascot as it chased a domino line of cereal boxes through the school to the tune of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

The event was the culmination of a cereal box drive for the Juniata County Food Pantry held by the school over the first two school weeks of May. The drive was organized into a contest between the classes: The winning class was to receive an extra recess and ice cream sandwiches.

The school managed to raise 574 boxes of cereal, and the domino line the kids constructed from them stretched the length of the school and circled the basketball court in the gymnasium. Mrs. Fowler’s class won the contest with 89 boxes.

“It started out a little slow,” said Angie Marker, who helped organize the program. “We weren’t sure if the incentive would be enough, but as the deadline approached, the numbers tightened, and the kids got more competitive.”

The kids certainly seemed to enjoy the event, given that they cheered like mad the second the dominoes began to fall. The entire line fell in one go too: the kids had double and triple checked the line beforehand to make sure no errant gaps would end the chain reaction too prematurely. When the last (cereal) domino toppled in the gymnasium, the whole school erupted into applause.

The drive was organized by the school’s newly formed Tiger Pride Committee, whose members include Julie Hannon, Samantha Hile, Abby Corman, Lacie Solt, and Angie Marker. They’re already planning out events for next school year for the kids to look forward to and to give back to the surrounding community.


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