Mifflin County Deed Transfer

Mifflin County deed transfers for June.

¯Aaron J. Peachey and Regina F. Peachey to Lucas P. Markley and Karen E. Markley, $200,000, Derry Township.

¯Daniel M. Zook and Karen M. Zook to Sylvan J. Peachey, $275,000, Union Township.

¯Paul W. Kurtz estate, Paul William Kurtz estate and Gloria J. Kurtz, executrix to Timothy L. Keeler and Joyce F. Keeler, $369,000, Wayne Township.

¯John S. Specht and Meloney R. Specht to Iron Rock Properties LLC, $62,000, Burnham Borough.

¯Andrew S. Kensinger to Thomas A. Burkholder, $80,000, Derry Township.

¯Nicholas R. Prough and Kelsey R. Prough to Individual Family Community Services, $148,000, Bratton Township.

¯Nolan R. Schaaf to Alex E. Hunter, $121,000, Derry Township.

¯Sue Ellen Ballentine to Daniel L. Elsesser and Nathan L. Elsesser, $1, Granville Township.

¯Tony Sovinski to Nicholas Krowchena, $1,600, Newton Hamilton Borough.

¯Walter R. Stine estate and Joyce I. Stine administrator to Joyce I. Stine, $1, McVeytown Borough.

¯Joyce I. Stine to Judith A. Stine and Diana S. Tanner, $1, McVeytown Borough.

¯Paul L. O’Neal and Kathleen O’Neal to JLSH Enterprises LLC, $300,000, Wayne Township.

¯Helen A. White to William M. White Jr. and Beth Ann White, $150,000, Oliver Township.

¯Steve Poche, Steven D. Poche, Lisa Poche and Lisa K. Poche to Steven D. Poche and Lisa K. Poche, $1, Granville Township.

¯Colleen Danner and Colleen M. Danner to Darlene M. Peck, $7,000, Decatur Township.

¯Jeremy D. Hartsock, Elizabeth A. Hartsock and Elizabeth A. Sunderland to Jeremy D. Hartsock and Elizabeth A. Hartsock, $1, Bratton Township.

¯DKRK LLC to Scott Real Estate LLC and Bush Real Estate LLC, $72,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯MBJ Group to Steven G. Bell and Kristel L. Bell, $345,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Mark D. David administrator and Walter P. Davis III estate to Georgene A. Wilkins, $24,000, Derry Township.

¯Samuel J. Yoder and Hannah M. Yoder to Samuel M. Yoder, $1, Brown Township.

¯Alan D. Gordon and Betsy S. Gordon to Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital, $865,000, Derry Township.

¯Dennis C. Goss and Jayne M. Goss to Eric D. Goss, Travis U. Goss and Natalie D. Fetters, $1, Derry Township.

¯Beverly A. Sellers estate and Jeffrey S. Sellers executor to Chelsea M. Sellers, corrective deed, Derry Township.

¯Ronald E. Wenger and Ashton K. Wenger to Zachary Tripp and Gabriela Tripp, $157,000, Decatur Township.

¯James E. Deardorff Jr., Jeffrey E. Deardorff and Gary E. Deardorff to Patti A. Miller and Danny P. Miller, $65,000, Wayne Township.

¯John J. Hirst Jr. and Maria L. Hirst to Maria L. Hirst, $1, Derry Township.

¯C and P Partnership to R. Paul Campbell, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯Jeffrey K. Lamberson and Melissa K. Lamberson to Jeffrey K. Lamberson, Melissa K. Lamberson and Jeffrey K. Lamberson family trust, $1, Menno Township.

¯Shiela A. Kibe executrix, Gary Lee Kibe estate and Gary Lee Kibe Sr. estate to Sheila A. Kibe, $1, Brown Township.

¯Paul H. Romig and Marcia Y. Romig to Paul H. Romig Jr., Toni Marie Millisock and Yvonne Marie Wagner, $1, Decatur Township.

¯James Drayer sheriff, Peggy A. Pandel, Peggy A. Fye and Gregory A. Pandel to Nancy L. Goss, $50,000 sheriff’s deed, Armagh Township.

¯Nathan T. Moist to Nokota J. Harpster, $65,000, Oliver Township.

¯Sanford G. Yoder and Margaret O. Yoder to Jonas D. Peachey and Ella M. Peachey, $55,000, Menno Township.

¯Dolores K. Byers to Dolores K. Byers, $1, Menno Township.

¯Dallas H. Booher, Betty Jean Booher and Betty J. Booher to William D. Booher, $1, Wayne Township.

¯Wilmington Trust Company, Origen Manufactured Housing Contract Trust 2005-A and Newrez LLC to Ethan G. Brummett and Tiffany M. Brummett, $44,250, Decatur Township.

¯Shalamar Investments LP to Dennis E. Neavling, $179,900, Armagh Township.

¯Archie L. Bowersox to Archie L. Bowersox and Bowersox family trust, $1, Derry Township.

¯Sandra M. Koontz, Sandra A. Koontz, Sandra M. Hartman and John Koontz to William W. Shoemaker, $1, Granville Township.

¯John D. Tate and Nicole R. Tate to John D. Tate and Nicole R. Tate, $1, Decatur Township.

¯John Collinash to Kevin Sable, $6,000, Oliver Township.

¯Mary E. Schueck to Joseph D. Schueck, $1, Derry Township.

¯Renewed Homes LLC to Ronald S. Shelan, Lillian F. Shelan and Shelan 2011 family trust, $72,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Charles R. Packard, Brenda Packard, Earl C. Beatty, Dorothy Beatty, Eric W. Packard, Nina Packard, Frederick A. Packard, Jennifer L. Packard, Thomas E. Spearing Jr., Karen Spearing and Michael L. Packard to Frederick A. Packard and Jennifer L. Packard, $1, Union Township.

¯Jonathan L. Peachey and Katie A. Peachey to Leroy J. Kanagy and Mollyanna R. Kanagy, $183,000, Menno Township.

¯Marie C. Guerrini estate, Delmer S. Guerrini estate, Delmer S. Guerrini legatee and Marie C. Guerrini to Charles L. Hershberger and Paula R. Hershberger, $305,000, Derry Township.

¯Harold E. Miller and Malinda M. Miller to Harold E. Miller, Malinda M. Miller and Brian K. Miller, $1, Bratton Township.

¯Korie L. Yoder and Annie M. Yoder to KJH Associates LP, $1, Menno Township.

¯KJH Associates LP to KJH Associates LP, $1, Menno Township.

¯James C. Hackenbert and Marcia F. Hackenberg to Scott S. Brown Jr. and Scot S. Brown Jr., $1, Granville Township.

¯Donald R. Wileman to Township of Granville, $1, Granville Township.

¯Nolan R. Brown to Nolan R. Brown and Julie L. Brown, $1, Wayne Township.

¯Shalamare Investments LP to Tamera A. Miller, $303,000, Armagh Township.

¯Andy I. Peachey and Leah P. Peachey to Mahlon C. Peachey and Esther M. Peachey, $1, Menno Township.

¯This instrument was voided, sent back to EPIC: Tiffany M. Shipkowski to MGG Properties LLC, $27,500, Brown Township.

¯Larry R. Benner and Joann Benner to Jacob Dore and Kelsey Dore, $130,000, Union Township.

¯James A. Bonson estate, Joseph L. Bonson executor and James Adam Bonson to TK Yoder Enterprises LLC, $311,000, Brown Township.

¯Steven Stuter and Rosemary Stuter to Kenneth McLaughlin II and Caroline McLaughlin, $160,000, Derry Township.

¯Simon R. Peachey and Lena M. Peachey to Jacob J. Yoder and Annie K. Yoder, $1, Union Township.

¯Jay H. Diffenbach, Connie J. Diffenbach, Carl H. Longenecker, Earl Fahnestock, JAson M. Diffenbach, Michelle L. Diffenbach, Joshua M. Diffenbach, Sara E. Diffenbach, Stacy W. Fahnestock, Leigh Ann Fahnestock, Steven W. Fahnestock and Lynette P. Fahnestock to Jay H. Diffenbach, Connie J. Diffenbach, Jason M. Diffenbach, Michelle L. Diffenbach, Joshua M. Diffenbach, Sara E. Diffenbach, Stacy W. Fahnestock, Leigh Ann Fahnestock, Steven W. Fahnestock and Lynette P. Fahnestock, $1, Armagh Township.

¯William D. Kester and Ann O. Kester to Allen J. Brimmer and Cynthia J. Brimmer, $30,500, Union Township.

¯Jacob E. Peachey and Esther M. Peachey to Sylvanus D. Peachey and Ida L. Peachey, $1, Union Township.

¯John T. Ryan Jr. and Lisa A. Ryan to BDL Investments LLC, $86,000, McVeytown Borough.

¯Melissa S. Rowe, Melissa S. Simonetti and Alex N. Rowe to Alex N. Rowe and Melissa S. Rowe, $1, Granville Township.

¯Carrie A. Fox, Carrie A. Bair and Christopher R. Fox to Christopher R. Fox and Carrie A. Fox, $1, Granville Township.

¯Nancy L. Shilling to David L. Bolger, Daniel J. Bolger and Denise A. Bolger, $1, Granville Township.

¯Mark R. Merrifield and Frances K. Merrifield to William J. Rupp Jr. and Vicki D. Rupp, $50,000, Brown Township.

¯Geoffrey Murray and Susan K. Murray to Peter J. Murray, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Jane E. Diffenderfer to Calvin F. Shank, $150,000, Brown Township.

¯Deborah Walter to Ruby Winter, Goerge Marks and George Marks, $15,000, Granville Township.

¯F. Russell Sherwood and Sue Ann Sherwood to Zane R. Sherwood and Jessica L. Sherwood, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Aaron N. Amspacker and Jillian L. Amspacker to Joseph F. Adams and Tara L. Adams, $270,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Scott A. Stewart and Cynthia J. Stewart to Keri A. Heimbaugh, $67,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Brenton M. Park, Brooke L. Rhone and Brooke L. Park to Maria K. Mease and Patrick A. Horn Jr., $97,500, Kistler Borough.

¯Highland Park United Presbyterian Church, Highland Park Presbyterian Church and United Presbyterian Church of Lewistown to Habitat for Humanity of Mifflin County, $1, Derry Township.

¯Samuel I. Yoder and Ruth L. Yoder to Thomas S. Yoder and Emma Y. Yoder, $200,000, Union Township.

¯James S. Laub Jr., Vickie L. Laub and Vicki L. Laub to James S. Laub Jr. and Vickie L. Laub, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Joseph Adams and Tara L. Adams to Bradley C. Tyler, $160,000, Derry Township.

¯Lydia Weikel Cox to Rhodes Holdings II LLC, $63,400, Juniata Terrace Borough.

¯Tiffany M. Shipkowski to MGG Properties LLC, $27,500, Brown Township.

¯Henry A. Eisenhuth Sr. estate, Henry A. Eisenhuth Jr. executor, Alan J. Eisenhuth, Theresa Eisenhuth, Henry A. Eisenhuth Jr. and Deborah Eisenhuth to Henry A. Eisenhuth Jr., Deborah Eisenhuth, Alan J. Eisenhuth and Theresa Eisenhuth, $1, Oliver Township.

¯Christen R. Interiano, Christen R. Amspacker and Miguel A. Interiano to Stephen P. Rickabaugh Jr. and Kelly N. Bilda, $225,000, Decatur Township.

¯Paul J. Zook and Lomie E. Zook to Mark R. Yoder and Blake O. Yoder, $180,000, Union Township.

¯Deborah K. Havice and Christopher J. Havice to Chad D. Colyer and Jordan B. Colyer, $1, Derry Township.

¯Mark A. Salvatore and Suzanne J. Salvatore to Kevin J. Vancil and Mary E. Vancil, $260,000, Granville Township.

¯Paul R. Campbell and Christopher W. Pine to Paul R. Campbell, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯Justin G. McElhaney and Allison N. McElhaney to Allison N. McElhaney, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯Sandra L. Murphy to Sandra L. Murphy and Tammy S. Murphy, $1, Granville Township.

¯John H. Eichelberger III and Annalisa G. Curcuru to Michael Weaver, John Weaver, Gail A. Weaver and Samantha Acri, $72,000, Decatur Township.

¯Alexander M. Todd and Sarah L. Todd to Raheel Tariq Khan, $100,000, Derry Township.

¯Courtney R. Aurand and Jeremy R. Hoffman to Courtney R. Aurand, $1, Wayne Township.

¯Jay E. Macknair co-trustee, Carol Ann Macknair co-trustee, Macknair family irrevocable trust, Jay Edwin Macknair, David Lee Macknair, Deborah Macknair, Carol Ann Cohenour, Richard P. Cohenour, Joyce Eileen Struble and Timothy A. Struble to Arthur L. Gehr and Nicolle E. Gehr, $133,125, Decatur Township.

¯HRH Logan Properties LLC to Keystone Property Management, $65,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Jeffrey K. Steinbach to Jena L. Walker, $70,000, Derry Township.

¯Lori A. Henry to Lydia Weikel Cox, $145,000, Derry Township.

¯Kyle D. Herto and Ashley L. Herto to Christopher Groce, $171,000, Granville Township.

¯Jeffrey M. Strohecker and Wendy S. Strohecker to Whitney P. Yohn and Jordan C. Yohn, $1, Armagh Township.

¯Whitney P. Yohn, Whitney P. Strohecker and Jordan C. Yohn to Jordan C. Yohn and Whitney P. Yohn, $1, Armagh Township.

¯Verna M. Yoder estate, James R. Yoder and Nathan R. Yoder to David C. Yoder and Rudy James Yoder, $30,000, Union Township.

¯P&S Rentals LLC to Michael J. Bruno, $147,000, Lewistown Borough.

¯Browns Hunting Lodge Unincorporated Association, Buck Harbor Lodge and Harold Fry trustee to Barry Bingeman and Heidi Bingeman, $50,000, Armagh Township.

¯Joseph A. Peachey and Mary E. Peachey to Abraham D. Peachey and Katie E. Peachey, $220,000, Menno Township.

¯Joseph E. Peachey and Mary E. Peachey to Robert L. Plank and Joann D. Plank, $30,000, Menno Township.

¯Simon E. Beachy and Grace M. Beachey to Sheldon R. Peachey, $150,000, Menno Township.

¯James A. Cohenour to Michael A. Chilcote, $50,000, Wayne Township.

¯Roger A. McKelvie to Luther E. McNaughton, $130,920, Lewistown Borough.

¯Wesley Clemmer and Verna Clemmer to Miguel A Interiano and Christen R. Interiano, $350,000, Decatur Township.

¯Sandra M. Egolf, Sandra M.E. Dedmon and Steven L. Dedmon to Sandra M.E. Dedmon and Steven L. Dedmon, $1, Decatur Township.

¯Sharon Valent Stallone and Joseph Stallone to Bruce J. Valent, $1, Lewistown Borough.

¯William T. Campbell and Tina L. Campbell to William T. Campbell Sr., Tina L. Campbell, William T. Campbell Jr. and Steven A. Campbell, $1, Derry Township.

¯Ronald P. Evelhoch and Thelma M. Evelhoch to Hayden T. Snook, $110,000, Derry Township.

¯Linda D. Notestine executrix and Mary E. Searer estate to Timothy S. Wert and Lacie J. Wert, $65,500, Derry Township.

¯Kathie M. Wills and Kathie Eichenberger to Brian P. Gajewski, $315,000, Derry Township.

¯James A. Williams and Helen M. Williams to A31 Land Trust, $201, Lewistown Borough.

¯Thomas H. Harris IV and Lori Harris to Weaver’s Professional Services Inc., $201, Derry Township.

¯Jason C. Halfpenny, Layne S. Halfpenny, Robert H. Christopher and Joy L. Christopher to Jason C. Halfpenny and Layne S. Halfpenny, $1, Derry Township.

¯David R. Freed Sr. and Robyn R. Freed to Stacy L. Miller, $109,900, Derry Township.


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