Nittany Paper to join with Marcal

Merger to create new tissue platform

NITTANY–Don Chapman, Founder and President of Nittany Paper, announced today that the company has agreed to merge with Marcal Paper, creating a new, fully-integrated, low-cost converter of ‘Away-from-Home’ tissue products. Located in the Appalachian Mountains of Central Pennsylvania and boasting a national distribution network, Nittany specializes in renewable paper towels, tissues and napkins. The company produces over 100 products to customize customer restrooms, break rooms, and work areas. By joining forces with Marcal, Nittany secures a long-term supply chain of high-quality, recycled parent rolls, expands its product portfolio and spurs continued growth. Substantial expansion was already planned for January in the Mifflin County Industrial Park.

The combination of Nittany and Marcal also creates an immediate pathway for Marcal to restart regular operations in New Jersey, less than one year after a devastating fire shut down the business. On January 30, 2019, a ten-alarm blaze substantially destroyed sixteen acres of Marcal’s property in Elmwood Park, New Jersey, including twenty-one paper converting lines.

“The combination of Nittany Paper and Marcal is a unique opportunity to build upon the platform we have successfully built here at Nittany Paper,” said Nittany Paper Founder, Don Chapman. “We are a strong company today, and this integration into Marcal makes us even stronger. Their team shares our values, thoroughly understands our business and brings industry expertise that will help us unlock opportunities for continued growth. This is a “win-win” for our workforce, our loyal customers and the communities we share,” Chapman added.

“Marcal has been through an awful lot this past year. We know their history, and we have watched them fight to be in position to restart a business from the ground up. As someone who created a family-owned company from scratch, the prospect of strengthening Nittany — while also being part of the rebirth of Marcal Paper at its iconic site in New Jersey — is very special,” said Chapman.

“The team at Nittany, from Don all the way through its talented workforce, offers the ideal partner for Marcal as we aim to successfully restart operations in New Jersey,” said Marcal Paper CEO Rob Baron. “With a history and approach that fully aligns with ours, and capabilities we need right now, we are thrilled to join forces with them.”


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