Juniata County Property Transfers

Juniata County Deeds

¯Lonnie L. Williamson, Nimfa Ibayan Williamson and Nimfa Ibayan Williamson to Krystal N. Cuff, $1, Turbett Township.

¯Rodney A. Miller Executor, Sherie L. Miller Executor, Betty L. Miller Estate and Sherie Miller Executor to Rodney A. Miller, $1, Tuscarora Township.

¯James R. Grabbe and Rosalie B. Grabbe to Christopher R. Grabbe and James M. Grabbe, $1, Beale Township.

¯Lorene L. Scholl to Nathan W. Fitzwater and Kimi L. Fitzwater, $180,000, Fayette Township.

¯Flint J. Davis and Amanda E. Davis to Amanda E. Davis, $1, Walker Township.

¯Richard C. Saylor, Louise D. Burd, Karen B. Henry, F. Richard Burd, Frank Richard Burd, Frank R. Burd, Robert Green, Pamela Arbogast, Amanda Y. Snyder and Trent W. Snyder to Robert Green, Pamela Arbogast, Amanda Y. Snyder and Trent W. Snyder, $1, Milford Township.

¯Executor Tracy A. Reisinger and Charles W. Wharton Estate to Thomas M. Armstrong and Paulina Armstrong, $1, Lack Township.

¯Marvin L. Hammond and Barbara A. Hammond to Amy Sue Hammond and Mark P. Hammond, $1, Beale Township.

¯Richard E. Bucher and Ivonne C. Bucher to Richard E. Bucher and Ivonne C. Bucher, $1, Delaware Township.

¯John L. King Jr., Amanda Rose King, Samuel K. King and Mervin L. King to John S. Alderfer and Dawn Alderfer, $97,000, Lack Township.

¯SIA Properties LLC to Kish Bank, $460,000, Fermanagh Township.

¯Trent R. Fisher and Rachael A. Fisher to Joseph A. Berkheimer and Lauren N. Zearfus, $1, Fayette Township.

¯Journey Builders LLC to Rober S. Kint, $1, Turbett Township.

¯Albert C. Brouse and Pamela A. Hoover to Scott Leggore and Kimberly Leggore, $37,500, Susquehanna Township.

¯Natasha Ufema to Leon S. King, $1, Fermanagh Township.

¯Richard E. Aumiller and Michael C. Cleck to James J. Wagner, Cara A. Wagner, Michael C. Cleck and Penny P. Cleck, $1, Fermanagh Township.

¯Dean K. Amspacker and Catherine L. Amspacker to Michael R. Hayes and Tina K. Hayes, $12,000, Turbett Township.

¯Paul E. Gross and Carrie E. Gross to Paul E. Gross, Kenneth P. Gross and Steven M. Gross, $1, Delaware Township.

¯Sylvia Peck Stephenson to Patterson Woodlands LLC, $1, Lack Township.

¯Alicia A. Seigler and Harry L. Sheaffer Estate to Hazel G. Johnson, $1, Beale Township.

¯Donald L. Leister to Angela K. Swanger, $1, Beale Township.

¯Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp Trustee, Seasoned Credit Risk Transfer Trust Series 2018-1 and Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Vincenzo Evola Jr. and Carrie Evola, $69,000, Thompsontown Borough.

¯Debra J. Wagner to John D. Kohr III, $200,000, Monroe Township.

¯Amos L. Peachey and Sadie S. Peachey to Shem Swarey, Miriam E. Swarey and Miriam E. Peight, $145,000, Fermanagh Township.

¯Kenneth L. Marshall and Mae F. Marshall to Joseph Barner and Christa Barner, $47,000, Susquehanna Township.

¯Anthony J. Weaver and Rhoda J. Weaver to Amos S. Wengerd, $265,000, Fayette Township.

¯Larry G. Varnes and Shae M. Smith to Larry G. Varnes, $1, Mifflin Borough.

¯Deborah L. Landis to Alfred Yoder and Beth Yoder, $50,000, Delaware Township.

¯Executor Robert D. Hale and Nellie M. Hale Estate to Steven P. Basom, $20,000, Walker Township.

¯Robert S. Kint to Rachel L. Shelley, $1, Fermanagh Township.

¯Steven T. Kramm and Karen P. Kramm to Amanda Leitzel and Stephen Leitzel, $1, Fermanagh Township.

¯Troy A. Fike to George R. White and Shawnee G. White, $1, Tuscarora Township.

¯R. Robert Laubach to Harold E. Powell Jr. and Lois Kay Powell, $1, Fermanagh Township.

¯Ronald L. Brown Jr. and Emiley M. Brown to Thomas L. Reese, Jeanne J. Cleck Reese and Jeanne J. Cleck Reese, $8,500, Tuscarora Township.

¯Gerald W. Howard and Susan E. Howard to Gerald W. Howard and Susan E. Howard, $1, Milford Township.

¯David E. Wilkinson to R. Scott Lightner and Joni M. Lightner, $45,000, Greenwood Township.

¯Executor Gary J. Yetter and Helen E. Wood Estate to Tobias H. Petersheim and Elizabeth S. Petersheim, $20,500, Walker Township.

¯David A. Renno and Veronica S. Renno to Omar G. Renno, $115,000, Walker Township.

¯Simon S. Troyer and Denise H. Troyer to Toy A. Hess and Adrain K. Hess, $30,000, Susquehanna Township.

¯Philip A. Stroup and Donalee Stroup to Trustee Rebecca A. Zaken and Stroup Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust, $1, Fayette Township.

¯Dennis L. Horning and Dennis Lee Horning to Andrew J. Frymoyer, $40,000, Fayette Township.

¯Ephraim B. Peachey and Judith E. Peachey to Ephraim B. Peachey and Judith E. Peachey, $1, Fayette Township.


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