What are Democrats really running on?

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the column by Laura Hollis on July 20, entitled “What are Democrats running on?” The editorial was so filled with hyperbole, half-truths and untruths that I found it difficult to decide which issues to address.

One of Laura’s early claims is that Democratic socialists are “anti-capitalism.” Pure socialists believe in government ownership of essential industries such as munitions, telephone, electricity, transportation and postal services. Democratic socialists do not believe in those things. They are not anti-capitalist and do not believe in governmental ownership of businesses. They do believe in equal opportunity for all. Equal opportunity for all can only be achieved if everyone has the opportunity to acquire a good education, have sufficient health care and get adequate nutrition.

Hollis states that Democrats have “largely abandoned” their support for the First Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth. We believe strongly in the free exercise of religion, the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press and the right of people to peaceably assemble. Those rights are guaranteed by law. Democrats agree with them entirely, however, Democrats also realize that those freedoms do not give one the right to infringe on the rights of others. Indeed, one might look at the actions of the president, e.g., criticizing protesting football players or denigrating the free press, and wonder if the Republican Party has abandoned their support for the freedoms found in the First Amendment.

Hollis then ascertains that Democrats have “given up on the Second Amendment.” Again this is not true. Many Democrats are gun owners, as am I. Democrats do not want to take away the right to self defense. Democrats do, however, believe that the Second Amendment should be balanced with an innocent’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as defined in the Declaration of Independence. Limiting magazine size and outlawing bump stocks would greatly reduce the damage mass killers can inflict without infringing on the right of gun owners to defend themselves.

Hollis goes to on to say that the Democratic Party’s “platform is to abolish ICE and embrace de facto open borders.” This is simply untrue. While some members of the party have called for the abolition of ICE, it is not the party platform. The vast majority of Democrats do not want to abolish ICE. Hollis’ claim is about as preposterous as a Democrat saying that the Republican Party platform is to abolish Social Security and Medicare.

Hollis states that the “Democrats’ political hypocrisy is off the charts. The party stopped caring about personal character in its national candidates decades ago — Bill Clinton in the most salient example.” The current leader of the Republican Party has been married three times, cheated on each of his wives, had 19 women accuse him of sexual misconduct, mocked a disabled reporter, lied constantly, bragged about abusing women, paid off a porn star and denigrated a war hero. The comment by Hollis has to be one of the greatest hypocritical statements ever made.

Hollis closes with more hyperbole and with an attack on the First Amendment rights of a free press when she states that the “Democrats are doubling down on their worst impulses, and the Pravda press is dutifully reporting that they are going to clean up in November.”

The hypocrisy and untruths found in this column were stunning. Despite this fact, I am still thankful that we have a free press and free speech so that her comments could be picked up and printed in numerous papers throughout the United States.

Harry M. Geedey