Science and Technology Fair announces winners for 2018

Mifflin County students awarded for projects

STRODES MILLS –The fifth annual Mifflin County Science and Technology Fair was full of many great projects, presenters and visitors Saturday at its new location at the Body and Soul Community Center in Strodes Mills.

In addition to the science fair projects and competitors, the event was joined by Ryan “Bug Man” Bridges and his vast collection of live and beautifully staged bugs, Marty Bowen and his team from Serpents and Claws reptile rescuers, Discovery Space out of State College, South Hills School of Business and Technology and finally Mifflin County High School’s Bennett Andrews and Joey Rupert which are part of the larger team that recently qualified for the finals of the Governors STEM Competition.

The place winners of the Mifflin County Science and Technology Fair are:

Place finishers for Division 1, fifth and sixth graders:

¯Noah Buffington, Earthquake Resistant Structure, first place, $300

¯Ian Manning, Tesla Coil, second place, $200

¯Montana McKee and Olivia Ray, Egg Drop, third place, $100

¯Kohen Wert, Sand Security, fourth place, $65

¯Blake Hockenberry- 14 Cell Water Powered Battery, fifth place, $35

Place finishers for Division 2, fourth graders:

¯Winston Yetter, How An Electric Current Works, first place, $300

¯Ava Kratzer, How Did The Chicken Make The Egg?, second place, $200

¯Gavin Herrington, Baghdad Battery, third place, $100

¯Jacob Nash, What’s The Dirtiest Floor In My House?, fourth place, $65

¯Maya Morgan, The Battery In Your Kitchen, fifth place, $35