Protesting is fine, rioting and looting is not

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Some years ago, I was involved in the local tea party protests. The first one took place in the vacant lot below Water Street in Lewistown, where they would sometimes have a carnival. We carried signs, listened to speeches and verbally expressed our grievances. When we were ...

Looking closer at the so-called ‘Rural Health Act’

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Those of us in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District represented by Fred Keller recently received a survey soliciting a response on supporting “rural” hospitals. The question as posed: “Do you agree that we must support our rural hospitals and make services more ...

Wolf needs to sign; stop keeping secrets from public


One of the most disturbing aspects of Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration during the coronavirus pandemic was his (and by extension, his administration’s) refusal to obey the state’s Right to Know Law when his disaster declaration went into effect. The government essentially began operating ...

More must be done to those who can stop predators but don’t


For months since the late Dr. Richard Strauss’ misdeeds at Ohio State University surfaced, people have wondered how he got away with it for so long. While serving as a doctor for OSU athletic teams during the 1990s, Strauss sexually abused hundreds of young men. Some of them complained at ...

Legislature is right; Pennsylvanians deserve a say


Persistence can often pay off and we’re hoping that’s the case for the General Assembly’s latest effort — in a long line of thus far fruitless endeavors — to wrest from the governor the ability to exercise dictatorial powers for however long he or she desires once he or she declares ...

Most police officers are dedicated to serving and protecting us all


Much of the public’s attention to law enforcement personnel during the past several weeks has focused on the tiny minority of them who deserve to be called “bad cops.” The enormous number of good officers, deputies, troopers and agents ought to be remembered, too. One of them, Toledo, ...