Biden’s crises give Pennsylvanians little to be grateful for this season

As families across Pennsylvania feel the pinch of rising prices, a supply chain crisis, and a war on energy, celebrating the holiday season has become more difficult than ever. Under Joe Biden’s presidency, Americans are paying the price for Democrats’ inflationary spending and failed policies, making grocery budgets and holiday wish lists even more burdensome for families struggling to make ends meet.

This Thanksgiving turned out to be the most expensive ever, thanks to Biden’s “Thanksgiving tax.” Prices for just about every component of the holiday feast skyrocketed, from turkey to pumpkin pie and everything in between. To the Biden administration, this surge in prices is nothing but a “high-class problem,” but in actuality, lower-income Americans who spend roughly a third of their earnings on essentials like food and energy are the ones paying the price. In fact, Biden’s inflationary spending has effectively lowered the minimum wage — hardly a high-class problem — as rising prices wipe out any wage gains Americans might be seeing.

Making matters worse, the essentials are not only more expensive than ever, but harder to come by as supply chain disruptions clear the shelves in grocery stores and retail spaces. For many families who may need to rely on the generosity of local food banks over the holidays, they will sadly be hard pressed to find another option, thanks to shortages that are affecting local food pantries in Pennsylvania. Compounding the supply chain crisis is a backlog at our ports and a shortage of drivers that is causing delays and exacerbating the shortage of accessible goods, an issue that will only cause more strain as families start their holiday shopping. For those who are opting out of an at-home holiday meal, staffing shortages are making reservations difficult to come by. At every turn, American families are seeing the magic of the holiday season strained by Biden and Democrats’ failed policies.

To add fuel to the fire, heating costs are set to increase by as much as a whopping 54 percent this winter. Biden’s inflationary spending coupled with his war on energy is hitting Pennsylvania families with a one-two punch. Families hitting the road over the holidays to see relatives near and far will face gas prices up more than 60 percent since last year, a direct result of Biden’s anti-energy agenda. On any given day, northeast Pennsylvania produces up to 10 percent of America’s dry natural gas, supporting good-paying jobs and a reliable energy source for Pennsylvania families. Instead of empowering energy companies that once were the backbone of our commonwealth’s economy, Biden is instead begging OPEC to produce more oil. His radical climate agenda is killing Pennsylvania jobs while looking overseas to fix the very problems he has created here at home.

Now, Biden is serving up a final course, but Pennsylvanians aren’t having any of it. Biden’s Build Back Better agenda will only exacerbate issues as it sets out to raise taxes on up to 30 percent of middle-class families. Pennsylvanians already cannot afford the exorbitant cost of Biden’s first year in office. The last thing they need is another multi-trillion dollar spending bill that will hike taxes and make life harder heading into the new year. Pennsylvanians deserve better, but all they are getting from Biden is a paltry slice of humble pie. Next November, voters will not forget how Biden and Democrats made this holiday season harder for their families. The red wave we saw take over local elections this year is coming for Democrats up-and-down the ballot in Pennsylvania’s midterm elections.


Congressman Fred Keller represents Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, which includes Mifflin, Juniata, Snyder and Perry counties.


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