Why is gas price so much higher here?

To the editor:

After watching the wholesale cost of gasoline drop significantly in the past couple of weeks, coupled with a steep difference in prices between Mifflin County gas stations and those in Duncannon and Harrisburg, the Mifflin County Commissioners believe companies need to take a hard look at what they are charging Mifflin County drivers.

The price of gasoline at the major gas providers at Clark’s Ferry (Duncannon) stands at $4.09 per gallon, and at the Front Street Exxon in Harrisburg the price is $3.91 per gallon. By contrast, Mifflin County stations are now basically all charging (with a couple of minor exceptions) $4.39 per gallon.

Being in constant communication with an industry fuel consultant, the commissioners note that the wholesale cost of gasoline is now down to $3.52 per gallon — including all taxes and freight charges. Thus, Mifflin County’s stations are charging a price that creates a margin of 87 cents per gallon (according to Friday’s Terminal Charges).

Though circumstances obviously vary from company to company and location to location, we have learned that the average profit per gallon is typically in the 35 to 50 cent range. Today’s county gas prices exceed that range substantially.

It’s important to note that the gas stations are vital local businesses, and they have personnel costs, building costs, and other overhead costs to take into account. They also need to make money to survive as a viable business. However, the commissioners believe our local residents are being penalized more than is warranted.

All Americans are dealing with skyrocketing inflation, and one factor not helping one bit is the price of gasoline. Many people are suffering terribly due to today’s fuel costs. The question that needs answered is why is there such a huge disparity between the prices of Mifflin County gas stations and those at Clark’s Ferry (Duncannon) — just 43 miles away?

Our people deserve to be treated fairly, and we ask large gasoline companies doing business locall to take another look at their charges and to help our local families.

Kevin Kodish


Kodish is a Mifflin County Commissioner.


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