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Why do guns have more rights than victims?

To the editor:

As I was watching the television (May 24) the program I was watching went to breaking news.

Another school shooting, this time in Texas at an elementary school. Another 14 children and a teacher killed due to some idiot with a gun.

I keep asking myself why is it that people who own guns don’t want anything done to try and prevent this from happening? Could it be due to the fact that the gun lobby groups have misinterpreted the Second Amendment and have brainwashed people into believing their rhetoric of a “good guy with a gun”? Or is it a case of senators being paid off to vote against gun safety laws by those very same gun lobbyists? Those senators by the way, and this is all public record, are from the right.

I came to the conclusion that it is all of the above. Let me explain.

Every time that gun safety measures come up in the news you always hear from die hard gun nuts that it will be “over their dead bodies” or “let them try to take my gun.” Little fact, no one is after your gun. All that people want, especially those that care about school kids, is for them not to be afraid that some “person,” and I use that word loosely, is going to get into their school and possibly kill them while all they are trying to do is learn and get an education.

Gun lobby groups whenever they mention the Second Amendment, they always leave out the most important words, that being “a well regulated militia.”

Militias by the way, in an act from 1904, were disbanded and were reformed into the National Guard, that is historic fact.

So no gun owner living these days belongs to a militia, so why do gun lobbyists leave these words out? Simple. Because they are misinterpreting the amendment and they don’t care about kids being killed in schools due to shootings or people doing their grocery shopping. I have yet to see proof that they do care.

Now to them paying senators to vote against gun safety laws. Kevin McCarthy, in 2017 was paid $42,000, Martha McSally was paid, again in 2017 just over $77,000, Mia Love, again in 2017, was paid over $63,000, and they are just top three and all Republicans. So much for the GOP claiming to be for protecting families.

In fact the top 10 senators that were paid by gun lobby groups were all Republicans. Why do I mention 2017? A rudimentary search would show that the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history happened in Las Vegas that year.

In fact from the school shooting at Sandy Hook to the shooting Tuesday at an elementary school in Texas, nothing has been done except for the empty gesture of thoughts and prayers which don’t do anything. The victims are still dead and their families devastated.

So I ask you why is it that an object that is only made to kill has more rights than a child being educated? Why is it that gun lobbyists get away with paying senators to stop gun safety bills from passing and why is nothing being done to stop the gun violence that happens on a daily basis in the U.S.?

George Fisher



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