Writer should follow his own advice

To the editor:

I would like to reply to both Mr. Spahr letters the first published on Oct. 9 and the second published on Oct 12. Let’s get to the first letter. In it he mentions about COVID and not believing the death count due to a report from Fox 35 in Florida. Let me say that again — from Fox 35, an affiliate of a news channel that has been found to have lied on numerous occasions and who has stated about one of the presenters on its channel “that no one should believe anything he says and that he is only there as entertainment.”

So if they have said that about one of their presenters, why should any of the people who work at Fox and affiliate stations be believed in anything they say? As for his statement about COVID being “one lie or misdirection after another,” really Mr. Spahr? You do know that the scientists that are working with this disease are discovering new things about it every day. Science does not stay static as you would have us believe, but actually with new knowledge being discovered about the virus, new advice comes out on what to do to either prevent the spread or to actually cure the people that may have gotten it. It is not one lie or misdirection as is claimed, but if you believe that then I have some swampland on the moon to sell you.

Then he goes onto say the required talent is to know when you’re being lied to … advice that he and other Republicans did not use under the former guy in the white house who lied, according to the Washington Post, 30,753 times over the four years of his presidency with over half of those lies, according to the Huffington Post, coming in his last year. So much for Mr. Spahr’s ability to tell when someone lied.

Now onto his second letter in which he asked what Biden has done for the US. Well, let’s look at just some of his achievements shall we?

He signed an executive order that increased legal representation for the poor, his administration released rules that protect patients from unexpected medical bills. He directed $2.5 billion to specifically address America’s mental illness and addiction crisis. Biden’s American Rescue Plan restored funding to veterans programs that includes mental health assistance that had been cut under Trump. Biden restored labor rights to workers at the Department of Defense. Biden signed pension relief, keeping more than 100 pension plans solvent and providing retirement benefits to millions.

Those, Mr. Spahr, are just some of the 98 achievements that Biden has done while in office. Now let’s look at the argument you gave that Ms. Loewen was beating down Trump when all that she did in her letter was provide facts that proved you wrong on Trump’s “good foreign policy.”

You, Mr. Spahr, proved with your letter of Oct. 12, how a typical Republican sees things — that your opinion and alternate facts count more that the truth. Don’t try and deny it because that is another thing that a typical Republican does and that is deny the truth.

Just look at the so-called “big lie” that the Republican Party is still perpetuating that the election was stolen when even someone with a second-grade education can tell it was not stolen. So, Mr. Spahr, maybe you should follow your own advice and acquire the talent for knowing when you are being lied to, especially when it comes to your own political party.

George Fisher



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