Thank you for making performance possible

To the editor:

We send kudos and applause for a stellar production of “Centennial Spirits” preformed on the steps of the Historic Mifflin County Courthouse by an ensemble cast from Stone Arch Players the evening of Sept. 28.

The production was written by William S. “Bill” Peightel of Reedsville, a member of both Stone Arch Players and the Mifflin County Historical Society. The play marks the 100th anniversary of the historical society, briefly telling the story of the organization’s founding in 1921 and its guiding force, George Ritter Frysinger. “Centennial Spirits” is a series of vignettes, including portrayals of a young George Frysinger arriving in Mifflin County in 1846 with his family, to an older George who narrates stories of events and notable people from Mifflin County history.

Stories touched on Dorcas Buchanan, first woman European settler here, with harrowing tales from her life and times, outliving three husbands and settling the land that became Lewistown. An exchange of letters between Civil War Union officer A. T. Hilands to his wife Mary back home in Milroy, gives glimpses of a soldier’s life on the battlefield. Ella Saxton, first woman voter in Mifflin County, made an appearance as did the McCoy sisters, Hannah and Margaretta, who bequeathed their family home to the historical society, eventually becoming McCoy House Museum in 1972.

These are historic characters near and dear to the hearts of history lovers across Mifflin County. The actors gave voice and presence to our history through this unique play, commemorating a century of preserving the past for the future. “Centennial Spirits”reminds us that history is our story, it’s your story, too.

The Mifflin County Historical Society is appreciative of all the preparations and enthusiasm that went into “Centennial Spirits.” It’s a hallmark of Stone Arch Players productions from both cast and crew.

We wish to thank Roger Herto, Mifflin County High School Media Department, who videoed the performance for future viewing. Watch for opportunities to view “Centennial Spirits” online and elsewhere.

The Centennial Committee, on behalf of the board of directors and our members, extends our sincere thanks to the SAP cast, crew and all who helped with costumes and props.

Our thanks goes out to Bill Peightel for his skillful talent in creating and nurturing the play into reality. To everyone who helped make this a successful evening, thank you all.

Centennial Spirits Cast

Older George Frysinger – Mike Cramer

Sarah Frysinger – Abby Cramer

Young William Frysinger – C.J. Gandy

Young George Frysinger – Lucas Cramer

Narrator – George Ritter Frysinger grown up – Ted Long

Dorcas Arnstrong Holt Buchanan – Susan Boardman

Henry Holt – Katye Long

Arthur Buchanan – Jared Kehler

Abraham “A.T.” Hilands – Colton Fleming

Mary Hilands – Abby Fleming

Ella Saxton – Julie Long

Margaretta McCoy – Jean Ward

Hannah McCoy – Pat McKnight

Author – William Peightel

Director – Katye Long

Sound Engineer – Emile Boulanger

Videographer – Roger Herto

Centennial Committee

Mifflin County Historical Society


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