Public opinion does not determine factuality

To the editor:

“If a prerequisite for leading our conference is continuing to lie to our voters, then Liz is not the best fit. Liz isn’t going to lie to people. Liz is going to say what she believes. She’s going to stand on principle. And if that’s going to be distracting for folks, she’s not the best fit. I wish that weren’t the case.” (R) Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, Ohio.

Read it again Mr. Spahr. “If a prerequisite for leading our conference is continuing to lie to our voters then Liz is not the best fit. Liz isn’t going to lie to people.” You can “spin” that however you want to but that is what he said.

I understand the point you are trying to make and I have to say it is insanity! You are arguing that if the people believe a lie is true, it is the responsibility of the elected official to back the fictional reality that is the lie versus standing up for the truth. The problem with your argument is that you are equating fact with fiction, truth with lies, feeling with facts, opinions with reality. As you stated “Fact is the 2020 election was the worst election in our history based on public opinion,” I’m sorry to tell you that public opinion does not dictate what is factual. The facts are that this was the most secure election in modern history (not to mention that the fraud that was found was for Trump). Then you go on to say “Fact is Biden was elected on the rules that were put into place for ‘that’ election. Most Republicans feel this was not fair.” Here again you mistake a feeling for a fact. The fact is that it was fair and more Americans voted than ever before in history and more people in enough states voted for Biden. Trump lost, period!

You go on to claim, as a fact, that the events of Jan. 6 and the criminal acts of those during the BLM protests are equal. If you believe that, you are again believing lies. One group of people was fighting for the end of the legalized killing of unarmed citizens by law enforcement (the government) the other was a group of domestic terrorists, radicalized by lies, trying to overthrow the government by killing the vice president and the speaker of the House so that they could install a dictator. They are not equivalent crimes and are not equivalent events as one is based in reality and the other is based on fantasy, fiction, lies, opinion, feelings and falsehoods.

I don’t even know what to say about your conclusion. Yes, “everyone is entitled to their opinions.” “Not their own facts” is the rest of that idiom. “Trying to suppress opinion is restricting free speech” is a cute thought but ignores the reality that presenting opinion as fact does not dictate that that speech be listened to. You conflate your right of free speech as a right to be heard. Just as you have the right to speak untruths, I have the right to not listen to you. You are not suppressed, you are dismissed.

So at this point I am over trying to change you or Ms. Logan’s ‘beliefs’ in the lies you hold to be true, I have begun, instead, to appreciate the fact that about 35% if this country is so far lost in the fiction the GOP is selling, that I feel fairly confident that the party of Trump is the death of Republican rule in this county.

Just keep “believing” all the nonsense of scary bogeymen coming to take everything away from you. Keep living in your magical land of make believe where the deranged Florida man is the oracle of truth. All you anti-vaxxers, anti-science, anti-education Trump supporters can go on living in your fantasy land of American glory and exceptionalism where it’s them, those people, the others that are taking from you, responsible for all your ills and are at fault for everything … blame, blame, blame. Continue sticking your head in the sand being afraid of being woke, being canceled or being the victim of the super scary, radical, socialist, communist, marxist, leftist, liberal, snowflake, blah, blah, blah, whatever! You all sound as like broken records. While you are distracted, the rest of us, living in reality, are loving the schadenfreude we are getting from watching the parade following the fool to the looney bin of history!

Eric Becht



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