Why is burden always placed on taxpayers?

To the editor:

This past year our schools were often closed due to the pandemic.

So, with the schools closed and children not being able to attend live classes everyone else in the school system seems to still be collecting their wages and benefits. I have no problem with that but am concerned that payments that normally would be equated with school attendance have been extended to pay for what should be out of school issues and not foisted upon the Juniata County taxpayer, to wit: the school meal programs. Schools should not be providing meals for those not in school. If I can’t put the burden on the taxpayer for free meals why should those not attending school be able to do so? Has the educational system become an extension of the welfare agencies?

Our taxes are out of bounds and the 3.9% increase of the school budget is an insult to the taxpayer. One excuse for the increase is the so-called “special ed teachers” due to the “influx of special ed students.” Why is this not explained? After all it is our taxes paying for the added cost. Is it that many of our current students suddenly now have special ed requirements? Or is the influx due to the education of illegals who are rewarded for breaking our laws? The taxpayer should be informed of the specific reason and the actual justification for those additional costs.

Many of the taxpayers in Juniata County are on fixed incomes. Where do they get the money to pay for the imposition of an added tax? It is especially hard on those barely getting by without the means to increase their income to offset this burden. They are the people with special needs.

Diane L. Logan



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