Is Reagan Revolution all you expected?

To the editor:

In less than 100 days, America has resumed its traditional role on the world stage, bombing another nation, Syria, for fun and profit. It’s what makes America great in the devious little minds of fascists and corporate war profiteers.

These behaviors should surprise no one, it’s been America’s legacy since the Republican rampage of government deregulation and relocation of American jobs beyond our shores. Now, the three products America manufactures most reliably are wars, billionaires and an impoverished working class. Behold, fascism at its finest.

The last sane Republican president, Dwight Eisenhower, in his 1961 farewell address, warned Americans of the dangers posed by the military-industrial complex. What Ike failed to foresee were the banking, Congressional and mass-media influences on Americans’ perceptions of fact, fantasy and outright lies that foster perpetual wars.

This complex web of deceit, woven by our elected officials and titans of corporate empires, has earned the U.S. government the dubious distinction as the number one threat to world peace, for the last four decades.

So, let us all give a rousing cheer for the Republican who taught us to despise our own government, the genius that promised free markets and no government regulations on capitalism would “raise all boats,” the father of American fascism, Ronald Reagan.

Is the “Reagan Revolution” of the 1980s everything you expected?

Peter Mazurkiewicz

Beaver Springs


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