Opinion page content is too far to the right

To the editor:

I was unaware I had subscribed to the Boomertown Sentinel, but the opinion page in the Feb. 24 issue made me double-check the masthead. Hold on to your Metamucil, folks, the state Supreme Court is described as “an extension of the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania” in an unsigned piece which must represent the entire editorial staff, and two right-wing editorial cartoons make clear the contempt the paper has for Democrats in general and people who were alarmed by the violent attempt to overthrow the government on Jan. 6 in particular.

The paper should strive for a little bit of balance. It is frequently hard to tell the difference between the Sentinel’s opinion page and a copy of the late Rush Limbaugh’s newsletter. Also if you are going to second-guess the United Staes Supreme Court you might not make it so blatant that you expected the Trump appointees to be partisans.

Robert Youngman



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