Which political side is the real ‘cult’?

To the editor:

In a previously published letter to the editor, the writer made a reference to Fred Keller being part of the “Trump cult of voter fraud.” The writer referred to the 120 House members who agreed with the voter fraud which was evident in our recent Venezuela-type election. Not only do the 120 reps acklnowledge the fraudulent election, but there are 65 million Trump voters, 10% of the Democratic voters and many of the independent voters (the results of a recent poll) who also agree that the election was fraudulent. So, there are probably over 80 million Trump culters in America today!

Common sense tells us that a person who does not consider all available information may make an unbalanced, illogical decision.

Filtering the information available or trying to discredit it not on the basis of how true it is, but rather on the basis of how it supports the party line, is a common mind control method used throughout history.

Ironically, these two preceding paragraphs were provided by information on an article on “Cult Mind Control.” Do these two paragraphs sound consistent with what CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and other liberal media organization, which are extensions of the Democratic Party, have been doing for years?

These Democratic Party propaganda arms constantly provide incomplete news coverage by “lying by omission.” By not providing the entire story and all the details and cherry picking points which support their party line, they are performing “lying by omission.”

I believe that this describes how many Democratic Party voters get their political info. By listening to these biased news media, they listen to filtered info which does not provide the whole story, but just what they want you to hear. By not listening to a conservative provider of news, you get an untrue, biased opinion of a story.

I get my info by watching some of the untrue, biased news and then watching conservative news media also. After consolidating the info, any person has a much better chance of making a rational, logical decision. I believe it is not only your civic duty to be a voter, but it is also your civic duty to acquire the whole story to make a responsible, logical decision.

Since I believe that many of the Democratic voters are liberal news media consumers and referring back to the “cult mind control” paragraphs, I feel there is more evidence to refer to Democratic Party voters as “cult members.” If the writer of the article wants to refer to Trump supporters as a cult, I am proud to be a part of his cult. But in reference to the “cult mind control” paragraphs, they better define the Democratic Party voter!

Evidence to consider again of a fradulent election. The bogus Trump impeachment was based on the uproven info provided by an unidenified “whistle blower” while the Democratic Party illegal polling stations and ballot procedures were witnessed by over 800 patriots who signed affadavits. Remember, we still do not know who the “1” was but all the over 800 can be identified.

Whose whistle blower or whistle blowers have more threatening consequences if lying? Why did “1” create so much commotion and waste of money while over 800 are ignored?

Dave Quay



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