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To the editor:

President Trump gave himself an A+ for his handling of the corona virus pandemic. His self-proclaimed grade belies the fact that he knew this virus was airborne and very deadly on February seventh this year. He acknowledged this fact in a taped interview with Bob Woodward on that day.

Since then, he has consistently downplayed the severity of the virus, saying it would end in March, then saying it would end in warm weather. Now he is claiming we have turned the corner while experts predict 200,000 more deaths by the end of January. He made jest of people who wore masks and even claimed that wearing masks is not healthy. The result is that the U.S. with four percent of the world’s population has twenty percent of the world’s deaths due to Covid. Two hundred and five thousand Americans are dead.

While Trump is not responsible for the virus, he is responsible for his response to it. No other country on earth has more COVID deaths than we do. In addition, U.S. citizens aren’t welcome in much of the developed world because of our ongoing infection rate. Had Trump simply modeled good behavior by wearing a mask, social distancing and encouraging everyone else to do so, experts estimate that over one hundred thousand deaths could have been avoided to date. In addition, we could have reopened our economy earlier and returned to work earlier. The incompetence is stunning.

I am aware that many of you voted for Trump because you wanted a conservative court. You have won that battle. Trump has appointed two hundred and eighteen conservative federal judges so far. He will have seated his third conservative Supreme Court judge giving conservatives a clear six to three majority in a few weeks. The courts are no longer a reason to vote for Donald Trump.

You know who Joe Biden is. He is not a socialist. His roots are in Pennsylvania and Delaware and not Manhattan. His loyalty is to the working person not the ultra-rich that golf and stay at his resorts. Joe is a smart, honest, civil, caring human being that will bring civility back to the White House and our nation. I urge you to consider voting for a return to common decency this election. Vote for Joe Biden.

Harry M. Geedey



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