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Celebration of history was a blessing

To the editor:

I once read a quote, “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

We are truly blessed with a rich heritage from the tales of the Native American tribes to the European settlers of Scotch-Irish decent. This year marks the 225th anniversary of the Borough of Lewistown (1795-2020). A celebration was held Monday, Sept. 28th in conjunction with the Goose Day event.

Stories were told by Forest Fisher, Paul Fagley, Steve Knudson and myself as Dorcas Buchanan, first white woman settler, to commemorate our town’s heritage. A special thanks to these gentlemen for the sharing of their vast knowledge of the many events and people that shaped our area.

Also to the girls at the Juniata River Valley Visitor’s Center, Goldie the Goose, Bonnie and Gino Zannino, Keith Booher, Hartley’s Chips, Giant Foods, Weis Market and local radio stations. On behalf of the Lewistown Borough staff, we acknowledge all of these contributions to this milestone of Lewistown, the county seat of Mifflin County.

Deborah A. Bargo

Mayor, Borough

of Lewistown

Yes, Christians can vote Democrat

To the editor:

I am compelled to respond to the reader’s opinion printed in The Sentinel on Friday, Oct. 2, in which the writer expressed his belief “that Christians should not vote for Democrats.”

I am a Christian, I am a Democrat, and I vote for candidates — Democrat, Republican or Independent — who best represent my Christian values, recognizing that none will do so perfectly.

I vote for candidates:

Who promote good over evil,

Who promote peace and unity vs. violence and divisiveness,

Who show respect for others regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or social/economic status,

Whose policies value and care for God’s good earth and the creatures that inhabit it,

Who value the health and well-being of citizens over political and economic gain, and

Who demonstrate love vs. hate.

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” Col. 3:14.

June E. Bricker


All of government is the problem

To the editor:

Our swimming pool is filthy. It is full of political mud so thick you can’t see the bottom. Someone who has been swimming in the filth for fifty years is not a good choice as lifeguard. It is his filth of fifty years that is in the water. He won’t better our system he does not know how to or he would have done it by now. He knows good and well how to better himself in the pool and his family as well. This is why he stayed for nearly 50 years. He is no doubt waterlogged and can’t swim either.

There are 535 swine floating in our pool on the backs of the American people. There are 9 swine checkers sitting on a bench watching over the pool. We have lived for decades with life guards who pick and choose which swine to help and which swine to sanction. This ebb and flow has satisfied the public for the most part but we all would like better government. The pool rules (electoral college) allowed for a change and we hired a non swimmer. He can not dive gracefully or preform the basic protocols. What he can do is cannonball on the 535 and scare the hell out of the entire system. His splash is felt around the world. The way some look at him you would swear he had no trunks on but it’s his hair and what he says that makes peoples jaws drop. He has no political filter. He does not care that he cannot swim. He is not there to swim but to get things done, something the swine have forgotten how to do.

We are all drowning under the weight of the 535. The largest ones need to be sent to the butcher and younger smaller ones need to be elected. (term limits) They need to live with the same health insurance we do. No one leaves the pool poor and the current retirement system for swine should be abolished or restricted by income gained while swimming err I mean floating.

Our current lifeguard can only work at the pool four more years. Most of the swine have constantly tried to drowned him these past four years with lies and conspiracy theory’s but he is able to get out of the pool every time. It is hard to tell what could be accomplished with some aid and encouragement. Hate is waisted effort even in a pool.

Our pool is not perfect but it is leaps and bounds better than any other pool. Even with a life guard that can not swim but can only cannonball.

Michael C. Spahr



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