Safety of our children shouldn’t be politicized

To the editor:

With school about to start parents have a tough decision to make: send my kid to school or remote learning. While we all want our kids in school there is a safety issue at hand with the current pandemic.

Some will send their kids to school because of band,choir etc. Because if they dont they cant do certain things. Some will send because they have no one home to help. Some will just send them while others go for remote learning.

I read all of the school district’s memos. It sounds like they know what they are doing. But enforcement of state guidelines will ultimately fall short. It’s a shame politics will guide what kids do or don’t follow at schools because of a parent’s political view. Also I’m sure some teachers won’t enforce this either because of their views.

It’s supposed to be about the safety of our children, teachers, family at home and our community. But in these times I feel that won’t happen. If this happens we’ll have clusters of COVID-19 in our schools and community.

Regardless of your political views we all need to follow these guidelines to the T to make sure that doesn’t happen. Safety of our children is crucial and should not be politicized. Personally, my kids will be taught remotely because of this.

Eric J. Rhodes



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