Communism fails again – why do so many still support it?

“Americans flee democracy — headed to communist Cuba in mass numbers in support of Castro regime!”

Have you seen that headline on any newspaper? Neither have we. But, while the Cubans yearn for freedom, and wave our flag proudly and patriotically, we hear the insistence that Socialism works from left-wing icons. We see an Olympic athlete representing the United States turn her back on our flag as though it is a symbol of oppression. We hear of a Black Lives Matter chapter saying largely the same thing.

Our history is not perfect — none is. Our nation was founded on principles that, more than 200 years later, we still sometimes fall short on. But is there any sensible, rational person who actually believes the garbage spewed by those who only want to attack those principles, to pretend we are not trying harder every day, that we are not the greatest nation in the world?

We see people from other countries — some oppressed, some just poor — breaking down barriers, breaking the law and risking injury or death to get into the U.S. Where are the masses trying to enter Cuba? Headed to Venezuela or Communist China? The closest we can see was former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s flirting with North Korea.

If America is such a horrible, racist country, why are millions of people trying to get in? Can you name another country that offers people more opportunity, better living conditions and greater freedoms than America?

Rodman, along with other Black athletes, actors, politicians and business owners defy the asssumption that only whites can succeed in America — that white men enjoy white privilege and are able to stomp out minorities who want only to live the American dream. Likewise for women, and Hispanics (who soon may not be a minority in this country) who have achieved under the American model of freedom. Even practitioners of Islam, who work against the idea that all of us are equal (one of them serves in Congress for goodness sake!), are able to do more in this country than under the oppresive regimes they seemingly support as better than us.

In another example of any so many oppose the New York Times’ “1619 Project” being used as the basis for U.S. history in school, think about what it’s author, Nikole Hannah-Jones, has claimed: that Cuba is the most equal country in the Western hemisphere and might serve as a model for the future of the United States.

We’re sure those marching in the streets of Havana don’t feel that way. Why are we even giving consideration, much less a platform to undermine the cause of freedom, to such twisted thought?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another who is using her position as part of the legislative branch to bring us a form of government that has failed time and again throughout the world, one that has left millions dead in its wake, blames America and its embargo of the island nation for the suffering in Cuba. Surely it can’t be the mistreatment of Cubans by its own leaders.

Everyday citizens, tired of dictators fueled by Communism and Socialism, stood up against oppression. They faced tanks in Tianenman Square. Tore down the Berlin Wall. Forced an end to the Cold War and the opening of the Iron Curtain.

Today, they march in the streets of Cuba, while the Biden administration offers at best marginal support. These are true freedom fighters, looking only to enjoy what we do here every day.

Except those of us who foolishly believe that the Communist model works.


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