Local holiday honored

Goose Day ‘Legends and Lore’ marker unveiled outside the Mifflin County Library

Sentinel photo by BRADLEY KREITZER
Community Partnerships RC&D executive director Sam Price, left, and program manager Kiernan Schalk unveil the Goose Day Legends & Lore Marker outside the Mifflin County Library Tuesday afternoon in Lewistown. The marker is one of three awarded in Pennsylvania by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation.

LEWISTOWN — The Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau, the Mifflin County Commissioners and Community Partnerships RC&D unveiled the new Legends and Lore Marker Tuesday at the Mifflin County Library, highlighting the local Goose Day tradition.

According to the William G. Pomeroy Foundation website, Legends and Lore markers promote cultural tourism and commemorate legends and folklore in many states. The folklore markers appear in Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont and West Virginia.

According to a press release from Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau, the Juniata River Valley Valley is the recipient of one of three markers given out from the foundation this year. This marker is made possible through a William G. Pomeroy Foundation grant.

The marker unveiling event at 2 p.m. garnered a small crowd from the community and organizations that coordinated the event.

Lewistown Mayor Deb Bargo led the event with a few words about her feelings about Goose Day, a luck-driven holiday.

ìLegacies do need to live forever,î Bargo said. She added that participants in the holiday must preserve Goose Day through stories passed down from generation to generation.

Mifflin County Commissioner Kevin Kodish followed Bargo with a short speech about the importance of Goose Day to the area and local businesses. Mifflin County Commissioner Rob Postal also was in attendance.

Juniata County Commissioner Alice Gray related stories about her experiences with Goose Day over the years. Gray shared her memory of the first time in history that Sept. 29 became the official date for the unique holiday, rooted in the idea that eating goose brings prosperity to those who eat the dish each year.

Staff members from the offices of state Rep. John Hershey and state Sen. Jake Cormanís were present for the occasion as well.

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomeyís representative, Andrew Ramos, shared a letter from Toomey before Sam Price, the executive director of Community Partnerships, unveiled the marker alongside Kiernan Schalk, the Community Partnerships program manager.

Attendees took photos at the close of the event by the marker with Goldie, the larger-than-life goose mascot.

Wild geese: Flock together

Here are the locations of the 19 geese that have landed as part of Community Partnerships RC&D’s Wild Geese project:

¯ “Navigator: Finding the Juniata Valley a Great Place to Land,” Mifflin County Courthouse, Lewistown

¯ “Riverbed Featherhead,” Monument Square, Lewistown

¯ “Florence Nightingoose,” School of Nursing Office, 426 Maple Ave., Lewistown

¯ “Molly the Meadow Goose,” Monument Square, Lewistown

¯ “Spruced Goose,” Mifflin County Airport, 547 Airport Road, Reedsville

¯ “William Shakesbeake,” Stone Arch Players Theater, 1 Derry Park Drive, Lewistown

¯ “Captain Honkers, BFD,” Burnham Fire Company, 205 N. Beech St., Burnham

¯ “Chief Goose,” Burnham OIP, 105 S. Logan Blvd., Burnham

¯ “Town Goose,” Near Five Points (151 E. Market St.), Lewistown

¯ “Starry Night Goose,” Kish Bank, 115 N. Main St., Lewistown

¯ “A Bird of a Different Feather,” Juniata County Library, 498 Jefferson St., Mifflintown

¯ “Lucky Clutch,” Philips Ultrasound, 1 Echo Dr., Reedsville

¯ “Terra Grace/We the People,” Juniata Valley Bank, 100 W. Water St., Lewistown

¯ “Olde Time Lewistown,” Kish Creek Center, South Main St., Lewistown

¯ “Professor Draguns, Psychologoose,” Service Access & Management, Inc. (SAM, Inc.) 100 East Market St., Lewistown

¯ “A Gaggle of Heroes,” Lewistown Geisinger Hospital

¯ “Betelgoose,” Community Partnerships and The Crooked Shelf Bookshop, LLC 23 N. Main St., Lewistown

¯ “Mifflin County Murals Goose,” Monument Square, Lewistown

¯ “Harvey the Harvest Goose,” Bilgers Pumpkins, 181 Conner Lane (Ferguson Valley), McVeytown


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