Borough looks for local man

Sentinel photo by BUFFIE BOYER
Amanda Marker, of Lewistown, hangs a poster at Rec Park Tuesday asking the public to help find Shane Workman who has been missing since April 25.

LEWISTOWN — A 31-year-old man from Lewistown has been missing from his home since April 25.

Shane Workman was last seen around 10:30 p.m., walking to the Sheetz store in Lewistown. His father, Mike Hewitt, of Lewistown, said his son left his West Fourth Street house and told his father that he was running to Sheetz for a few minutes. That was the last time Hewitt saw or heard from his son.

On Tuesday, Hewitt organized a search party and asked the community to help look for his son.

A group gathered at Rec Park and discussed the places they were going to look, including places that Workman liked to go. The group was also going to search area creeks and ridges around Lewistown.

Fliers have also been placed all over Lewistown and on Facebook asking for help.

“I just want to find my son,” Hewitt said. “I haven’t heard from him and that’s not him.”

Hewitt would like to search the Juniata River today and is asking if anyone has a boat and is willing to help to please contact him.

Hewitt said he has contacted local police and they have tried to track Workman’s cellphone, but it is turned off. They also said they watched video from inside the Sheetz store and found nothing.

If anyone has any information or would like to help search for Workman, call Hewitt at 513-5645.


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