Does the newest Special Interest Store include your favorite?

The chef salad and breadsticks from Angelos Hollow Inn, Lewistown, is among the culinary icons in the Juniata Valley.

LEWISTOWN — Everyone has a favorite food that they crave and, for many of those people, there’s only one place to get it.

Earlier this year, the Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau asked the public via this newspaper and several social media sites for the one food they crave that they can only get at a Mifflin or Juniata county restaurant. The suggestions ran the gamut from breakfast to dinner, as well as a few snacks.

“We knew that by asking the public to weigh in, we’d get a much more varied list of foods,” Visitors Bureau Executive Director Jenny Landis said. “We also didn’t want all of the pressure on us to choose who and what to list.”

The list is two pages long and is broadly categorized by the type of food. Restaurants did not pay to be listed, and changes and additions will be considered before the next printing. As with other Special Interest Tours that the Visitors Bureau has created, paper copies are printed in-house in limited quantities so changes can be made quickly.

“That’s not so say that you won’t pick up an older version somewhere, but we try to keep the information as up to date as possible,” Landis said.

Meatloaf and red skinned potatoes from The Square Cafe and Bakery in Lewistown

The list

Probably anyone who lives in Mifflin or Juniata counties can find what they are craving on the list of local favorites from the Hometown Cravings Special Interest Tour.

It features culinary icons of the Juniata Valley like the salad and breadsticks from Angelo’s, the fish and chips from Tony’s, the Heap-A-Burger from The Parkway Store, pizza from Gus’s and the haddock sandwich from the Bel-Vue, as well as Hartley’s chips and Asher’s chocolate.

The list also includes a host of comfort foods that satisfy local people needing a little of that — chicken and waffles, pot pie and meatloaf, as well as BIG breakfasts like the Mess at Yetter’s Restaurant, the Hungry Man at the Red Zone, and the Sunrise Sandwich at the Walnut Cheese Nook.

Burgers of one sort or another appear on the list more than any other type of food, closely followed by wings, pizza and hoagies.

Chef salad from Red’s Diner in Lewistown

But old standbys are not the only items craved in hometowns in the Juniata River Valley. The list also includes new items at new or new-ish businesses, like the Shy Burger at Shy Bear Brewing, the mocha with coconut milk and vanilla at East End Coffee, the salad juice at the Guante Family Restaurant, and the quinoa bowls at J.P. Edwards.’

A complete list of Hometown Cravings can be found on the Visitors Bureau website at www.juniatarivervalley.org, or printed copies at the bureau’s office in the Mifflin County Historic Courthouse, and other locations.

Sticky buns from the Sticky Bun Cafe in Yeagertown and Lewistown

Ice cream from Ye Old Dog House in Belleville

Chocolate from Asher's in Lewistown

Guante Family Restaurant in Mifflintown


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