On National Boss’s Day, show your boss they’re appreciated

Dear Readers: Tomorrow is National Boss’s Day. What makes an effective boss? According to a career website, employees look for a boss who is:

¯ honest

¯ driven, motivated

¯ a problem solver, an analyzer, a thinker

¯ an open communicator

¯ an inspiration

What’s the best way to acknowledge your boss? Go in on a gift card, get lunch or bring in some lovely flowers or a plant. Nothing too fancy. A small gesture will let your boss know that she or he is appreciated. — Heloise

P.S. Perhaps the best expression you can give your boss is dedication and delivery of work on time.


Dear Heloise: What can you tell me about credit card skimmers? They’ve been in the news a lot. — Brenda W. in California

Brenda, a skimmer can be placed inside the swiper mechanism on a self-serve credit card terminal. The skimmer grabs your card information, possibly including even your PIN. A crook comes by later, collects this data and either sells it or uses it.

Popular locales for credit card skimmers? The ATM, a ticket kiosk and especially the self-serve gas pump.

How to avoid: Take the time to go inside and pay for your gas. Only use well-lit ATMs where there are lots of people around. Check the swiper for signs of tinkering. Report any suspicious activity to store or bank management. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: We never remember when we bought our bed pillows. I just bought new ones for my bed, and I wrote the date on the “Do Not Remove” tag. This way, I can look in a couple of years and know when it’s time to buy new ones. — Sarah D., Oakwood, Ohio

Sarah, great idea! Readers, here’s how to test your pillows for wear:

¯ Is the foam or batting lumpy or bumpy?

¯ Do you have to punch the pillow to get support?

¯ If you fold the pillow, does it stay folded?

A “yes” to any of these and it’s probably time to go pillow shopping. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: Plastics are not biodegradable. Huge plastic masses are in our oceans, affecting marine life, our planet and thereby us humans.

Please get over the convenience of use of plastics. Wash your dishes and carry bags to use in the grocery store. It is worth it. — Dina in San Antonio


Dear Heloise: I’ve tried to keep a diary of my life’s experiences, but life gets busy, and it falls to the wayside. However, saving my bank and credit card statements takes no time and details most of my experiences! — Jerry Wylie, Arlington, Texas

Experiences and expenses! — Heloise


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