Wrangle in the Wild II set for Saturday

Submitted photo (From left) Trent Hidlay, Joey Bender, and Hayden Hidlay stand together during a wrestling event.

LEWISTOWN — The Hidlay brothers, also known affectionately as the Brothers of Destruction, return to Mifflin County for Wrangle in the Wild II.

Wrangle II takes place on Saturday, August 6, at Mifflin County High School. Pre-sale tickets are $5 and $7 at the door, with kids under six getting in for free. Pre-sale tickets can be bought through Hayden Hidlay. They will stream the event on Rokfin.

Wrangle is an all-star dual meet comprising past and present wrestlers, of all ages, from the area. PIAA champions and NCAA all-Americans Hayden and Trent Hidlay, along with Joey Bender created the Wrangle last year.

“The idea originated from Trent, Joey, and I hanging out one night. We talked about how fun it would be to do something like this for months, but finally, Trent was like, ‘why don’t we do this? Because we can talk about all of this, but why don’t we try it? Like, how bad could it be? We have a great community for wrestling, and people seem to like us enough to support an idea like this,'” Hayden said. “So, it pretty much started out from us admitting to stop BS’ing to ourselves and try something. If it fails, it fails, but we were confident in our idea. Through NIL legislation, it was much easier for us to find some financial backing to do it and make it something we are proud of.”

They weren’t sure what to expect from the public, but Wrangle I was a resounding success within the community.

“The community response has been great. Thank you to all the sponsors of Wrangle II. With their support, we were able to do more for the event. Thank you to the fans for showing love as well. This event is for our community, and we want to put on the best show possible,” Bender said.

The success of Wrangle I gave the trio more time to put together an even better event for the fans this year.

“We were definitely more comfortable this time around. Last year, we put the event together in less than four weeks. None of us had any project/event management experience. Trent and I have some business management experience, and Joey has a marketing background, so we just decided to use our education experience and our love for wrestling to guide us in making decisions,” Hayden said. “This year, we had months to figure things out and make the event more professional this time around. Bigger venue, more financial backing from the community, and more time to market the event.”

Thanks to the inaugural event’s success, the buzz surrounding Wrangle II is spreading like wildfire within the community and local businesses.

“The community response has been more than we could have hoped for. Plenty of local businesses want to be involved, and the attendance blew us away last year. We have sold around 200 presale tickets and hope to add another 300-400 between now and when wrestling kicks off on Saturday,” Hayden said. “We want to put on an event they can be proud of and start a fun summer tradition for the community. Growing up in a wrestling community provided me many opportunities to pursue my passion, which is something I remain thankful for.”

Wrangle I gave the founder’s confidence the event could grow in popularity for years to come.

“After the success of last year’s inaugural Wrangle in the Wild, we realized the event had the potential to grow and become a yearly event that the community could enjoy,” Trent said. “We did everything within a month last year, so having more time allowed us to make the event bigger and better this year. You learn how much work goes into creating and hosting an event, and that allowed us to understand how to promote better and raise money for Wrangle II.”

The card for Wrangle II features a mix of talent, from youth to older wrestlers past their high school and college years.

“Previous and current Mifflin County wrestlers have responded really well and want to be included in the event. After last year’s Wrangle, we had a bunch of messages from guys that wanted to be in this year,” Trent said. “We tried to get as many new guys involved as possible, but there are a few competitors from last year that we wanted in it again. There were a few guys we didn’t think would be interested, but they wanted to compete. I think that since we proved we could put a good event last year, more wrestlers are willing to participate and join in on the fun.”

Here is the lineup for Wrangle in the Wild II:

Early Prelims-Youth Matches

Lincoln Knable vs. Jase Atherton

Jake Knable vs. Andrew “Goo” Alexander

Paxton Shawver vs. Layten Bowersox

Under Card

Kaden Knouse vs. Ben Snyder

Scott Hays vs. Chad Curry

Jonah Kile vs. Avery Aurand

Kross Todaro vs. Garry Price

Blaine Davis vs. Jake Ryan

Main Event

Jacob Schultz vs. Cody Johns

Trey Hartsock vs. Adam Stout

Jacob Cunningham vs. Conner Heckman

Logan Wise vs. Kyle Miller

Trey Shoemaker vs. Mason Grove

Matt Bonson vs. Kyler Everly

Adam Will vs. Ronnie Garbinsky

“I think that the matches this year are incredible. We have a great mix of up-and-coming youth and older wrestlers that haven’t wrestled competitively in a few years,” Trent said. “We have a few older guys like Adam Stout, Matt Bonson, Adam Will, and Ronnie Garbinsky that I looked up to a lot growing up as a little kid. It is special for us to have these guys compete because they have been so important to Mifflin County and District 6 wrestling. The teams are even, and the matchups will be awesome.”

Wrangle in the Wild has a bright future ahead of it. The event is a perfect example of what can happen when you throw caution to the wind and act on an idea you are passionate about.

“Hayden, Trent, and I want to give back to our community. Wrestling is huge in this area. This event allows families to come and have fun for one night. Also, we want to give the opportunity to people who still love the sport to come and compete,” Bender said. “A lot of these guys give back to the sport by coaching at all levels. Why not give them a chance to compete? Look for improvements year to year for the Wrangle. We are just getting started.”


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