Huskies split dual meet with Carlisle

Huskies put together solid performances

Sentinel photo by MATT STRICKER
Mifflin County’s Levi Haubrick competes in the pole vault Tuesday in Lewistown. The Huskies boys team picked up its first victory over Carlisle in team history Tuesday.

LEWISTOWN — The Mifflin County track and field team put forth a valiant effort as personal bests and some familiar faces in new events ruled the day and the Huskies split their home dual meet with Mid-Penn Commonwealth foe Carlisle on Tuesday afternoon, with the boys defeating the Thundering Herd 81-63 and the girls falling to Carlisle, 103-46.

Brayden Harris, Reagan Ettinger, Josiah Sechler and Gabe Yoder led the way for the boys as they helped push the Huskies to their first win against Carlisle in school history.

Harris excelled in the 3,200-meter run, finishing first with a time 9:49.22, while Ettinger won the high jump (5 feet, 8 inches) and finished second in the triple jump (19 feet, 4.5 inches). Sechler and Yoder went 1-2 in the javelin, with top throws of 137 feet and 134 feet, 1 inch, respectively.

Caden Kauffman and Levi Haubrick also excelled, as Kauffman hit personal bests in the long jump (20 feet, 0.5 inches) and the triple jump (40 feet, 5 inches), while Haubrick cleared 9 feet, 6 inches in the pole vault and finished third in the discus with a throw of 92 feet, 1 inch.

Chris Royer also posted a come from behind victory to edge Carlisle’s Andrew Boothes in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:10.86.

Sentinel photo by MATT STRICKER
Mifflin County’s Kylee Cubbison, left, and Lily Yoder lead early in the 800-meter run. Cubbison won the 800 and the mile run and finished second in the 400.

“The guys knew that it was a dogfight at the end there,” Mifflin County boys coach Scot Sechler said. “Those guys came up big points wise and that is what pushed us over the top. It’s not real often that you lose three relays and win a meet and we were able to pull that off. We swept pole vault and long jump. Royer had a phenomenal comeback to win the 800. I’m proud of the kids. We aren’t where we want to be at yet, but we’re headed in the right direction.”

The Huskies made the most of a makeshift lineup on Tuesday, with multiple athletes filling in to score some points in key places for Mifflin County.

“Every week is a little bit of a shuffle,” Sechler said. “We had a couple injuries and some kids that are sick and not in school so we had to move some things around to get everything to work. The kids that you move into their positions have stepped up and do a nice job for us. It’s nice that that next level is pulling their weight and it’s definitely exciting to watch them get their shot.”

On the girls side, it was Kylee Cubbison, Addie Parson, Tai Ematat and Taylor Ciccolini that ruled the day as the four contributed major points for the Huskies in the meet. Cubbison won the mile (5:24.53) and the 800 (2:39.72), while finishing second in the 400-meter run with a time of 1:04.88.

Parson won the 3,200-meter run with a time of 12:57.93 and finished third in the mile with a time of 5:47.21, while Tai Ematat scored her first points for the Huskies in the pole vault with a third-place finish, clearing six feet to win the event. She also finished third in the high jump.

Ciccolini once again shined in the javelin, posting a first-place finish with a top throw of 127 feet, 6 inches. Ciccolini also stepped into other throwing events to score points for the Huskies, posting third place finishes in both the shot put (26 feet, 3 inches) and discus (73 feet, 11 inches).

Ella Spriggle won her lone hurdle event, running the 100-meter hurdles in 16.20 seconds.

“We made some changes tonight to try and pull some more points and it seemed to work out for us,” Mifflin County girls coach Scott Gantz said. “Numbers are everything in this sport. Seconds and thirds are the meat of your final score and we just don’t have those girls to back our big point getters. We take what we can get. The girls go out and leave it all on the line every meet and we can’t ask any more of them. They work really hard.”

Without the numbers that the Huskies usually possess, scoring points in dual meets is an especially daunting task. Instead, the Huskies are using the time to focus specifically on individual events to get athletes ready for the postseason.

“We have people all over the place that are getting us points, we just don’t have the depth to hang with teams,” Gantz said. “The girls understand what they are up against and it doesn’t deter the effort we get from them. They are out there competing hard, and they seem to be having fun while they do it. We will keep plugging away and keep our eye on the postseason. We are seeing steady progress and that’s what we tell the kids about. Take it day by day and you will continue to get better. By the time the end of the season rolls around, hopefully we have them where they need to be to be competitive in the District 6 meet.”

Sechler is pleased with the effort he’s seen from his squad thus far and is hopeful that the team will respond to the first meet on short rest. Mifflin County heads to Hollidaysburg on Thursday.

“We’re stepping in the right direction. We will see how we respond on Thursday back to a meet that quickly,” Sechler said. “I’m happy with where are training is. The weather is cooperating so that helps. Definitely proud of the effort today.”

Boys score: Mifflin County 81, Carlisle 68

4×800 relay: 1. Carlisle 8:45.35. 110 hurdles: 1. Z. Denton (Carl) 15.01. 2. B.Shaeffer 19.32 (MC). 100 dash: 1. J. Jackson (MC) 11.72. 2. D. Long (MC) 3. C. Henry (Carl). 1,600 run: 1. R. Bonder (Carl) 4:42.25. 2. B. Harris 4:43.06 (MC). C. Royer 4:47.38 (MC). 400 dash: 1. Bryer 54.96 (Carl). 2. Booths 55.92 (Carl). 3. D. Kuntz (MC) 56.56. 4×100 relay: 1. Carlisle, 46.99. 300 hurdles: 1. Z. Denton 46.54 (Carl). 2. B. Shaeffer 48.88 (MC). 3. R. Bondi 49.86 (Carl). 800 run: 1. C. Royer 2:10.86 (MC). 2. Booths 2:11.99 (Carl). 3. B. Hartzler 2:12.66 (MC). 200 dash: 1. C. Henry 24.34 (Carl). 2. D. Long 24.83 (MC). 3. R. Jerev 25.26 (Carl). 3,200 run: 1.B. Harris 9:49.22 (MC). 2. R. Bondi 10:39.59 (Carl). 3. K.Shank 10:52.91 (Carl). 4×400 relay: 1. Carlisle 3:50.95. Long jump: 1. C. Kauffman 20 feet, 1/2 inch (MC). 2. R. Ettinger 19 feet, 4.5 inches (MC). 3. D. Wert 19 feet, 2 inches (MC). Triple jump: 1. Z. Denton 41 feet, 7.75 inches (Carl). 2. C. Kauffman 40 feet, 3.5 inches (MC). 3. D. Wert 39 feet, 1.5 inches (MC). High jump: 1. R. Ettinger 5 feet, 8 inches (MC). 2. J. Jackson 5 feet, 8 inches (MC). 3. E. Thomas 5 feet, 4 inches (Carl). Shot put: 1. C. Dib 41 feet, 5.5 inches (Carl). 2. E. Osbourne 38 feet, 7 inches (MC). 3. A. Price 36 feet, 9 inches (MC). Discus: 1. T. Renninger 109 feet, 4 inches (MC). 2. C. Orb 92 feet, 2 inches (Carl). 3. L. Haubrick 92 feet, 1 inch (MC). Javelin: 1. Josiah Sechler 137 feet (MC). 2. G. Yoder 134 feet, 1 inch (MC). 3. B. Shugart 130 feet, 11 inches (Carl). Pole vault: 1. L. Haubrick 9 feet, 6 inches (MC). 2. T. Small 9 feet 6 inches (MC). 3. CJ Gill 7 feet, 6 inches (MC).

Girls score: Carlisle 103, Mifflin County 46

4×800 relay:1. Carlisle 13:04.40. 100 hurdles: 1. E. Spriggle 16.20 (MC). 2. Leatherman 18.26 (Carl). 3. S. Julius 18.46 (Carl). 100 dash: 1. E. Boback 12.69 (Carl). 2. Mitchell 12.85 (Carl). 3. M. Pham 13.88 (Carl). 1,600 run: 1. K Cubbison 5:24.53 (MC). 2. S Salomon 5:39.10 (Carl). 3. A. Parson 5:47.21 (MC). 400 dash: 1. Shayla 1:01.57 (Carl). 2. K. Cubbison 1:04.88 (MC). 3. A. Fitzgerald 1:05.82 (Carl). 4×100 relay: 1. Carlisle 52.09. 300 hurdles: 1. E. Leatherman 52.97 (Carl). 2. S. Julius 53.18 (Carl). 3. M. Phillips 1:12.91 (MC). 800 run: 1. K. Cubbison 2:39.72 (MC). 2. S. Saloman 2:32.00 (Carl). 3. L. Yoder 2:33.67. (MC). 200 dash: 1. E Bobeck 27.51 (Carl). 2. Podyzk 28.76 (Carl). 3. M. Pham 29.66 (Carl). 3,200 run: 1. A. Parson 12:57.93 (MC). 2. K. Pebble 13:11.20 (Carl). 3. Jayde 13:39.71 (Carl). 4×400 relay: 1. Carlisle 4:21.22. Long jump: 1. K. Mitchell 15 feet, 9 inches (Carl). 2. A. Richwine 15 feet, 8 inches (Carl). 3. E. Leatherman 14 feet, 9 inches (Carl). Triple jump: 1. A Richwine 35 feet, 6 inches (Carl). 2. B. Kanagy 30 feet, 11 inches (MC). 3. L. Yoder 30 feet, 10 inches (MC). High jump: 1. A. Richwine 4 feet, 8 inches (Carl). 2. R. Mitchell 4 feet, 8 inches (Carl). 3. T. Ematat 4 feet, 6 inches (MC). Shot put: 1. H. Barrett 28 feet, 8 inches (Carl). 2. A. Miller 26 feet, 4 inches (Carl). 3. T. Ciccolini 26 feet, 3 inches (MC). Discus: 1. S. Walaski 93 feet, 7 inches (Carl). 2. H. Barrett 88 feet, 3 inches (Carl). 3. Taylor Ciccolini 73 feet, 11 inches (MC). Javelin: 1. T. Ciccolini 127 feet, 6 inches (MC). 2. J. Sheaffer 73 feet, 7 inches (MC). 3. A. Stanton 69 feet, 10 inches (MC). Pole vault: 1. T. Ematat 6 feet (MC). 2. B. Denlinger 6 feet, 0 inches (MC).


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