Dewease claims victory in Night 2

Sentinel photo by MIKE GOSS
Eventual winner No. 69K Lance Dewease dives under leader No. 57 Kyle Larson and 2nd place runner No. 39M Anthony Macri trying to take the lead late in the sprint car feature.

PORT ROYAL — Lance Dewease did something Friday night at Port Royal Speedway that not many other drivers have done this season. He passed Kyle Larson for a Sprint car win.

Dewease, of Fayetteville, got going well on the inside and middle lanes of the speedway as Larson pounded the fence.

Late in the race, Dewease took advantage of that driving by Larson and pulling away, scoring a popular victory with the home track fans. He earned $6,000.

“That’s the only way we can beat those guys,” Dewease said. “Both of those guys are really good here. Anthony has come a long way and Kyle’s the best in the business right now. I beat him at golf today and I got to beat him on the race track. You don’t pass him too often. The car was good all night.”

It was his 114th career Port Royal win and 40th win against the All Star Circuit of Champions during his Hall of Fame career.

“I wanted to beat him pretty bad,” Dewease said. “We’re buddies, we’re friends. The other week earlier in the year, he waved at me when he passed me off of four. I didn’t wave back tonight because he’s too good. We were fortunate enough to get by him. He hasn’t been passed too much this year when he’s been leading, so hats off to my whole team. They work really hard at this for how old they are. It’s unbelievable.”

Kerry Madsen and Larson won the dashes earning the front row for the final tune-up before Saturday’s Tuscarora 50.

Larson grabbed the lead as the race for second was three-wide behind him between Madsen, third starter Anthony Macri and fourth starter Dewease.

Dewease grabbed second for a lap, but Macri drove by off the second turn cushion.

Larson opened up a comfortable lead, but that was erased with four laps completed when Paul McMahan slowed bringing out the yellow.

Larson controlled the restart over Macri as Dewease tried the bottom groove to no avail in turns one and two.

Dylan Cisney and Brent Marks raced by Thursday night winner Cory Eliason and into fifth and sixth.

Larson wasn’t getting away from Marci this time as the six-time Port Royal winner stayed within striking distance.

They started lapping slower cars with 11 laps completed. The gap was about 10 car lengths. Cisney ducked under Madsen for the fourth spot.

Larson and Macri traded the top spot in turns three and four with Dewease right behind

At the half-way point of the 30-lapper, Larson led by .707.

Macri ducked under Larson entering turn three and taking the lead. Larson drove back around Macri and a lapped car on the outside retaking the lead off turn four.

Macri continued to challenge Larson, but Dewease’s inside lane was getting faster. He was inside of them in turns one and two taking second from Macri and then the lead from Larson off turn four as the crowd went crazy.

“I thought maybe when we got to traffic and those guys had to slow their pace up a little bit, we’d be OK,” Dewease said. “Kyle really never got away from us. Anthony could run the bottom pretty nice. He got a little impatient and let me back by him. I got a really good run at Kyle and got by him.

Dewease pulled away over the final five laps scoring the win.

“I was pretty comfortable,” Dewease said “I could roll the bottom and I could roll the middle and keep pace. I thought we’d get a shot as long as we didn’t get a caution and get everybody back in clean air.”

Macri passed Larson for second at the end.

“I used my tire up a little more than I should have,” Macri said. “Once Lance got by us, we pretty much had nothing. It lights my fire a little bit more for tomorrow night.”

“I felt good early with a clean race track, but once I got closer to the back, the track got dirtier for me and I lost a lot of grip. Those two are definitely the best here at Port in these conditions. It was a fun race to battle them. The track was changing and I knew I was in trouble. I could never get off the corners as good as they could and they carried more momentum down the straightaways.”

Cisney finished fourth after starting 10th and Rico Abreu completed the top five. Madsen, Eliason, Brent Marks Danny Dietrich and Ian Madsen rounded out the top 10.

Macri set quick time over the 51-car field with a lap of 16.442 seconds. Abreu, Eliason, Cale Thomas and Jared Esh were in the top five. Dewease, Brian Brown, Marks, Tyler Courtney and Ian Madsen rounded out the top 10 in qualifying.

The top four finishers in the five heat races transferred to the A-main. Cisney won the opening heat race over Skylar Gee, Cale Thomas and Logan Wagner, who was crowned track champion for the third straight season.

Abreu won the second heat over TJ Stutts, Kerry Madsen and Justin Peck. Six-time Tuscarora 50 winner Lance Dewease won heat three over Ian Madsen, Zeb Wise and Sye Lynch. Kyle Larson won heat 4 over Ian Madsen, Anthony Macri and Tyler Courtney. Aaron Reutzel won the final heat over Dietrich, Marks and Eliason.

Alan Krimes won the C-main. Madsen and Larson won the twin dashes. Freddie Rahmer won the B-main.

Sprint Car Feature (30 Laps): 1. Lance Dewease. 2. Anthony Macri. 3. Kyle Larson. 4. Dylan Cisney. 5. Rico Abreu. 6. Kerry Madsen. 7. Cory Eliason. 8. Brent Marks. 9. Danny Dietrich. 10. Ian Madsen. 11. Cale Thomas 12. Brock Zearfoss 13. Freddie Rahmer 14. Tyler Courtney 15. Aaron Reutzel 16. Logan Wagner 17. Jared Esh 18. Skylar Gee 19. TJ Stutts 20. Zeb Wise 21. Mike Wagner 22. Justin Peck 23. Brian Brown 24. Sye Lynch 25. Paul McMahan 26. Gio Scelzi 27. Tyler Bear.


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