Halligan edges Cisney for 410 victory

Wreck on first lap collects five drivers

Sentinel photo by MIKE GOSS
A wreck on the first lap of Saturday night’s 410 sprint car feature collects No. 1 Logan Wagner, No. 24 Lucas Wolfe, No. 98 Kyle Reinhardt, No. 1J Kevin Knouse and No. 19M Landon Myers at Port Royal Speedway. All drivers were OK after the accident.

PORT ROYAL — Jeff Halligan came out on top of an epic battle with Dylan Cisney, earning his first Port Royal Speedway Sprint car win Saturday night.

The pair traded the top spot multiple times over the final laps. Halligan squeezed between Cisney and the turn two fence to keep the lead, and twice turned back under Cisney’s slider to stay out front.

Halligan, of Ephrata, raced the bottom lane in turns three and four, but wasn’t getting as much drive off. Cisney got a great run on the final lap as they raced side-by-side to the checkers with Halligan nipping Cisney by a scant .061 seconds. He earned $4,000.

“I was pressing my luck, especially the one time I snuck in by him,” Halligan said. “I knew I was pressing my luck. He could have easily closed the door on me and screwed me up big time. I knew if he was going to keep doing it, eventually he wasn’t going to leave that little hole open, so I started cutting down. The first 19 laps, we were getting such great drive off the corners especially four, but after that, I was really struggling. It’s awesome that we won. We did a lot to the car this week and our hard work paid off.”

“I didn’t think there was room for a car, but he kept sticking it in there,” Cisney said. “I tried to drive in there a little deeper and a little faster and clear him and it took me a couple times to do it. It was good, hard, clean racing. That was a lot of fun sliding back and forth with each other.”

A five-car crash in the first turn marred the start of the Sprint car main event. Kevin Nouse and Logan Wagner made contact as they raced into the corner and started flipping. They slid across the track collecting Lucas Wolfe at the top of turn one with all three cars crashing hard. Kyle Reinhardt and Landon Myers had nowhere to go and got tangled up as well. All drivers were reported OK. Reinhardt and Myers made repairs and returned.

Steve Buckwalter grabbed the lead when the feature resumed. Halligan grabbed the runner-up spot from Ryan Taylor as Cisney and Brent Marks traded sliders for third spot.

Halligan took the lead from Buckwalter with an inside pass of turn four on lap 10. He pulled away. He began lapping slower cars as Cisney and Marks tried to settle in the third spot. Buckwalter slowed with six to go bringing out the yellow.

Cisney took second from Marks on the restart. The next time into one, Cisney tried a slider, but Halligan stayed on the cushion and never lifted. They were closer yet the next time around.

With a few to go, Cisney cleared the slider, but Halligan turned his car back under Cisney’s maintaining the lead off two. The final lap Cisney got a great run, but Halligan found just enough speed off the bottom of four to nip him at the line.

Marks, Anthony Macri and Taylor completed the top five. AJ Flick, Tyler Reeser, Kody Lehman, Mike Wagner and Robbie Kendall rounded out the top 10.

Heat races for the 30 cars in the 410 Sprint pits were won by Flick, Halligan, Cisney and Marks. Anthony Fiore won the B-main, but his car wouldn’t fire for the A-main.

The speedway hosts the rescheduled Bob Weikert Memorial this Saturday and Sunday with Sprint car features both paying $10,000 to win.

Super Late Models

Bryan Bernheisel led the opening lap of the 30-lap main event for the River Valley Builders super late models. Gregg Satterlee used an inside pass in turn two taking over the top spot.

Kyle Lee moved into second and Andy Haus third as Satterlee increased his lead.

The yellow flew with 13 laps completed as Lee had cut into Satterlee’s advantage.

Sattlerlee controlled the restart and pulled away continuing to dominate the main event.

A yellow with five to go put Lee back on Satterlee’s bumper erasing a 3.7-second lead. Ross Robinson passed Lee on the restart, but had nothing for Satterlee as he scored his third Port Royal win of the season by 1.5 seconds.

Robinson, Lee, Haus and Colton Flinner completed the top five. Marvin Winters, Jim Yoder, Dylan Yoder, Tyler Bare and Gene Knaub rounded out the top 10.

Tim Wilson set quick time over the 32-car field with a lap of 19.811 seconds. The heat races were won by Flinner, Satterlee, Robinson and Bernheisel. Jason Miller won the B-main.

Limited Late Models

Andrew Yoder led all 20 laps of the limited late model feature scoring his second win of the season. Spike Moore, Devin Hart, Donnie Farlling and Curt Dunn completed the top five. Shawn Shoemaker, Trent Brenneman, Dillan Stake, Brad McGinnis, and Matt Parks rounded out the top 10.

Heat races for the 28 limited late models were won by Shoemaker, Yoder and Hart. Drew Weisser won the B-main.

Full Finishes:

Sprint Car Feature (25 laps): 1. Jeff Halligan. 2. Dylan Cisney. 3. Brent Marks. 4. Anthony Macri. 5. Ryan Taylor. 6. AJ Flick. 7. Tyler Reeser. 8. Kody Lehman. 9. Mike Wagner. 10. Robbie Kendall. 11. Tyler Walton. 12. TJ Stutts. 13. Tyler Bear. 14. Kyle Reinhardt. 15. Kyle Smith. 16. Jason Shultz. 17. Rick Lafferty. 18. Curt Stroup. 19. Steve Buckwalter. 20. Landon Myers. 21. Logan Wagner. 22. Kevin Nouse. 23. Lucas Wolfe. 24. Anthony Fiore.

Late Model Feature (30 laps): 1. Gregg Satterlee. 2. Ross Robinson. 3. Kyle Lee. 4. Andy Haus. 5. Colton Flinner. 6. Marvin Winters. 7. Jim Yoder. 8. Dylan Yoder. 9. Tyler Bare. 10. Gene Knaub. 11. Bryan Bernheisel. 12. Dillan Stake. 13. Gary Stuhler. 14. Jeff Rine. 15. Roy Deese. 16. Kyle Knapp. 17. Hayes Mattern. 18. Kody Lyter. 19. Trevor Feathers. 20. Jason Miller. 21. Shaun Jones. 22. Tim Wilson. 23. Brett Schadel. 24. Mike Lupfer.

Limited Late Model Feature (20 laps): 1. Andrew Yoder. 2. Spike Moore. 3. Devin Hart. 4. Donnie Farling. 5. Curt Dunn. 6. Shawn Shoemaker. 7. Trent Brenneman. 8. Dillan Stake. 9. Brad McGinnis. 10. Matt Parks. 11. Taylor Farlling. 12. Joe Lusk. 13. Drew Weisser. 14. David Latsha. 15. Ronnie Bottenfield. 16. Jim McBee. 17. Scott Landis. 18. Harold Ranck. 19. Ryan Zook. 20. Kenny Yoder. 21. Jason Davis. 22. Kyle Nicholas. 23. Madeline Miller. 23. Kyle Bachman.

Did Not Qualify: Danny Sollers, Jason Mulen, Cayden Ranck, Derick Garman.


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