Wagner to run late model race

PORT ROYAL — Logan Wagner, the sprint car points leader at Port Royal Speedway, made his late model racing debut driving for Ron Coleman at the third annual Frank Sagi Tribute Race honoring Tom Peck on Sunday at Hagerstown (Maryland) Speedway.

Logan’s dad, Mike, and former late model and NASCAR driver Tom Peck have been friends for many, many years, and Alan Sagi approached Logan about driving a late model in the event.

Wagner, who’s in the midst of the best sprint car season of his career, quickly accepted the challenge.

“I was offered a late model ride at Hagerstown for the Frank Sagi race,” Wagner said. “Alan Sagi set it up. He said it would be cool to get a sprint car driver in a late model for the show and try to bring more sprint car fans to the late model race and get more sprint car people involved in the late model world. I was pushing to do it. I really wanted to do it and I ended up getting the opportunity to do it.”

Logan talked about the connection between Tom Peck and his family.

“Tom Peck has been pivotal in the racing culture in McConnellsburg for years,” Wagner said. “I grew up in McConnellsburg. His youngest boy is the same age as me. We went to school together. Dad went to Tom a lot when he first starting racing. He talked to Tom about what it was like to do it and how he could get into it. Tom sort of coached dad when he was a young boy. Tom’s been coming to the Labor Day race to watch for years and years.”

He’s going into it with an open mind.

“I’m sure I’ll have an all new respect for late model drivers more so than I do now,” Wagner said. “I know it’s not easy. Everyone thinks you just get in one and run it. I’m going to be proof that’s not possible. It’s going to be an uphill battle. I know we have good equipment. The car is proven fast. If it doesn’t operate around there it’s because I can’t get it to operate. It should be a blast. It’s all about bringing more people into the sport. That’s what I think is so cool about it. Pancho Lawler will be working on it.”

The 28-year-old commercial airplane pilot from Harrisonville has four sprint car wins at Port Royal this season and is comfortably ahead in the point standings seeking his second straight championship.