Greenwood boys taken to overtime, win TVL title

ELIZABETHVILLE — Greenwood thought it won the game in the final second.

The team rushed the field and Halifax players were either hunched over or plopped on the ground with heads in their knees.

But this game isn’t like basketball and the ball must be in the net before the time expires. Officials ruled the score no good and sent the game to overtime.

Greenwood didn’t lose any confidence or momentum in a 3-2 overtime win to clinch its second consecutive Tri-Valley League boys soccer championship at Upper Dauphin High School Thursday.

Greenwood finished with a perfect 19-0 record, 13-0 in the TVL. Next up is the District 3 boys soccer tournament, where Greenwood may end up No. 2 on strength of schedule.

The unlikely hero of the game was senior center-back Danny Campbell.

In his four years with the team, Campbell hadn’t scored a single goal. That all changed in overtime when after Halifax’ goalkeeper Ryan Taylor couldn’t come down possessing the ball on Aaron Morder’s header that hit off the crossbar.

That’s when out of nowhere Campbell — a player hardly ever seen that far up on a soccer field — came through with the second chance and headed the game-winner.

Cambell had no idea how he ended up in that position.

“I honestly do not know. I saw that we only had four guys up there,” Campbell said. “Luke (Myers) wanted to take it, but a lot of the times I take, just not that far up. I just went for it and ball was in the air and I just went after it and headed it. It’s insane. I still don’t know what to think right now. It’s insane.”

The play left Greenwood coach Aaron Anstine with no answers to how it unfolded, but he wasn’t about to be the one to care.

“I don’t how he got up there. It’s the first time he’s scored a goal in four years,” Anstine said. “For a senior to go up there as a center-back, that’s a pretty awesome thing so it hasn’t quite sunk in with some of these guys with what they put out there in having to come back.”

It was the first time an opposing team had scored two goals on Greenwood all year.

Avery Morder got things started on a throw-in by Luke Myers that hit off a few players and fell flat in front of Morder for the game’s first goal.

Greenwood continued to apply pressure and got off some a few cross passes in front of goal, but couldn’t seal the deal.

Then it was all Halifax to close out the first half as it struck for two unanswered goals and put Greenwood in its first deficit at halftime all season.

Halifax had first taken a page out of Greenwood’s book and scored on a throw-in that got past the sliding Bryce Dalpiaz in goal.

Then Nathan Tanner went top shelf and found space above a leaping Dalpiaz to give Halifax its only lead in the final minutes of the first half.

Greenwood didn’t fret.

“They had confidence in themselves and confidence in what we do,” Anstine said.

Frustration was evident in the second half as Greenwood had possession and was on the attack for all but five minutes of the half. Things just looked shaky as Greenwood couldn’t click in the passing game and when it could get in range to shoot the ball, its shots were just off of goal.

“Believe me, I was thinking about field hockey and going, ‘Man, it would be nice to be able to have a timeout right now and pull ourselves together,'” Anstine said.

That irritation went away after Glenn Rice got a good header on the ball lobbed by Bo Gothel to tie the score with 150 seconds left in regulation.

Greenwood kept the pressure on Halifax and with next to nothing left on the clock, Rice got a shot off on goal that excited half of the stadium and stunned the other half.

Then after discussions, the refs ruled it was no good, forcing the game to be decided in overtime.

“At first, we were so excited because we had thought we won the TVL with .1 seconds left,” Campbell said. “Then when that happened, we got a little angry at everything there and got flustered. Then we regrouped ourselves and then we worked hard because we knew they were thinking about it and had them on their toes. We were ready.”

Greenwood 3, Halifax 2, OT

First half

G – Avery Morder (Luke Myers), 24:53; H – Caden Minnich (Tai Lehman), 8:50; H – Nathan Tanner, 1:32.

Second half

G – Glenn Rice (Bo Gothel), 2:29.


G – Danny Campbell (Aaron Morder), 4:51.

Shots: G 11-5. Corners: G 4-1. Saves: G-3 (Bryce Dalpiaz); H-8 (Ryan Taylor).