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What does America gain by restoring relations with Cuba?

March 22, 2016 This week President Barack Obama is doing something no sitting U.S. more »»

Our next president really needs to take Iran seriously

March 21, 2016 Earlier this month, Iran test-fired two missiles. Painted on both, in Hebrew, was the phrase, “Israel must be wiped out. more »»

Heavily-regulated legalization of medical marijuana seems reasonable

March 19, 2016 Pennsylvania’s legislature has been considering a bill that would legalize certain forms of medical marijuana, the use of the cannabis plant to make new medicine. more »»

Flip-flopping Hillary Clinton proves, again, she can’t be trusted

March 18, 2016 During a campaign stop in Cleveland last week, Hillary Clinton said President Barack Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact is a bad deal. more »»

Obama’s latest decree is another shot fired in his war on fossil fuels

March 17, 2016 There will be no drilling for oil or gas anywhere off the 2,069 miles of the U.S. Atlantic coastline, President Barack Obama has decreed. more »»

No matter the context, Obamacare has failed to deliver as promised

March 16, 2016 President Barack Obama is a master at diverting attention from his administration’s failures, and the White House was at it again this week. A goal of having 9. more »»

Robbing highway dollars to pay for state police is irresponsible

March 15, 2016 It was revealed recently (see the article at the top of Page A2 of Monday’s edition) that a lot of the money that is earmarked for improving our commonwealth’s crumbling roadways and bridges has... more »»

Common sense a rare commodity in federal bureaucracy

March 14, 2016 Some people may wonder whether federal bureaucrats are required to stop at their office buildings’ front doors every morning and drop off their common sense before beginning the day’s work. more »»

First lady was a critical part of Reagan presidency

March 12, 2016 During the first half of the nation’s history, wives of our presidents received little public credit or even notice for their behind-the-scenes involvement in public affairs. more »»

Military spending priorities are woefully misguided

March 11, 2016 Were he alive today, former President Dwight Eisenhower would be angry about a report this week that some Navy SEALs have to share rifle. more »»

Raising minimum wage harms small businesses

March 10, 2016 Gov. Tom Wolf recently announced he is raising the minimum wage for all workers under his jurisdiction to $10.15 per hour. more »»

Cleveland PD must do what is necessary to ensure safe convention

March 9, 2016 Perhaps it is a reflection of the rough-and-tumble process Republicans are enduring as they attempt to pick a nominee for president, but for whatever reason, Cleveland police are expecting trouble... more »»

America needs more people like Nancy Reagan

March 8, 2016 It’s a shame in our current political environment that it takes the death of a prominent figure for people to acknowledge contributions from those of a different viewpoint or party. more »»

FEMA grant money rules show government lacks common sense

March 7, 2016 Some people may wonder whether federal bureaucrats are required to stop at their office buildings’ front doors every morning and drop off their common sense before beginning the day’s work. more »»

FEMA fiasco is latest reason many distrust federal government

March 5, 2016 The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s former chief security officer knew two people he hired in 2011 had criminal backgrounds, an inspector general’s report has revealed. more »»

Hillary taking full advantage of primary rules written in her favor

March 4, 2016 Democrat Party leaders have enjoyed the Republican Party’s presidential nominating chaos simply because it empowers the candidate they already have decreed will represent them — Hillary Clinton. more »»

Divided GOP is easier for Trump to conquer

March 3, 2016 Super Tuesday has come and gone with the polarizing Donald Trump, once again, winning more states than anyone els. more »»

Supreme Court battle is about blue and red, not black and white

March 2, 2016 The fight over whether President Barack Obama should appoint a replacement for late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (the Constitution says he can) and whether the Republican-majority Senate... more »»

Moving up primary could make Pa. ‘Keystone State’ of Super Tuesday

March 1, 2016 Every time there’s a presidential election, Pennsylvania seems to be on the small list of so-called “battleground states” — those that could reasonably be won by either party. more »»

Our military allies must be able to rely on America for support

February 27, 2016 If as many as 200 U.S. troops were killed in a terrorist attack, Americans would demand to know how it could have happened. more »»



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