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Scalia’s passing raises stakes of presidential election

February 16, 2016 The price of poker just went up in this year’s presidential election. more »»

Congress must find money to maintain our national parks

February 15, 2016 New is good if you are a politician. You like to be able to announce new programs and new facilities such as recreational area. more »»

Kasich provides steak in a campaign of sizzle

February 13, 2016 With the pace of Republican decision-making about a nominee for president picking up, the direction of the process may be taking a good, much-needed turn. Ohio Gov. more »»

Drinking water crisis in Flint is complete failure of government

February 12, 2016 The blame game was in full swing recently as Congress held hearings on the Flint, Mich., water fiasco. more »»

Kasich is telling economic truth young people don’t want to hear

February 11, 2016 With the nation’s first primary election of the 2016 presidential campaign having taken place Tuesday night in New Hampshire, the college-student vote went overwhelmingly to Democrat candidate Sen. more »»

Three-hour delay option should make school closures less frequent

February 10, 2016 Recently, the Mifflin County School District announced it would make available the option of delaying the start of the school day for three hours. more »»

Notion that collusion drives up gas prices locally runs on empty

February 9, 2016 Benjamin Franklin once famously quipped that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. But around here, a third one might be hearing complaints about the price of gasoline. more »»

New diseases also need attention from our government officials

February 8, 2016 President Barack Obama wants to commit $1 billion to what he calls a “moonshot” initiative against cancer. more »»

It’s time to let them go

February 6, 2016 This past week, a group of concerned citizens met in front of the historic courthouse in downtown Lewistown to state their case for protecting other buildings of historical significance within the... more »»

Clinton’s run for White House is no service to Democratic voters

February 5, 2016 After Democrat voters caucused in Iowa Monday night, Hillary Clinton told reporters she breathed “a sigh of relief” at the results. She won, the Democrat contender for president noted. more »»

What will it take for Washington to wake up and get spending under control?

February 4, 2016 Spending by Americans was flat in December, but they socked money away in savings accounts at the highest rate in three years, the Commerce Department reported this week. more »»

Both parties’ establishments put on notice in Iowa

February 3, 2016 While it may be hard for liberals and conservatives to agree on much politically, both groups sent a pretty loud message in Monday’s Iowa caucuses — the kickoff to the presidential primary seaso. more »»

Obama needs to admit he was wrong and go to Plan B in Iraq, Afghanistan

February 2, 2016 At least President Barack Obama was politically smart enough not to declare “mission accomplished” in Iraq and Afghanista. more »»

U.S. should give money, weapons to Kurds in Iraq

February 1, 2016 Leaders of the Kurdish people in Iraq, who have battled Islamic State terrorists more courageously and effectively than the Iraqi army, say they are in desperate need of money. more »»

Protecting freedom of the press around the world is vital to American interests

January 30, 2016 The airwaves are alive with the “news” that Donald Trump doesn’t like Megyn Kelly of Fox News. more »»

Lawmakers need to make it easier for employers to offer 401(k)s

January 29, 2016 With the old-fashioned company pension now an endangered species, what besides Social Security will support Americans in retirement? For many, the answer is a 401(k). more »»

Trump shows true colors by skipping Thursday debate

January 28, 2016 In a decision that seems to be overshadowing Thursday’s Republican debate itself, Donald Trump has decided he won’t be participating, mainly because he believes one of the moderators, Megyn Kelly... more »»

Thank you to those who clear our roads and streets

January 27, 2016 The truest measure of a thankless job is one in which it is only noticed when the work isn’t done correctly. more »»

Obama’s proposal would defeat his goal of making college more affordable

January 26, 2016 Federal student loan and grant programs have not made college more affordable. They have merely provided billions of dollars in taxpayer money to help pay for i. more »»

Obama’s war on coal isn’t over yet

January 25, 2016 Celebrations of victories against President Barack Obama’s assault on coal and affordable electricity have tended to be short-lived. more »»



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