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There may not be snow, but summer driving has its own hazards

June 1, 2016 Now that Memorial Day is in the rear-view mirror, many folks are beginning to think about hitting the highway for a summer road trip. more »»

Clinton’s emails still ‘smoking’

May 31, 2016 Often, it is true: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. In Hillary Clinton’s case, it is a four-alarm blaze. more »»

To honor those who sacrificed all

May 30, 2016 Technology has made war seem like a video game to some Americans. We read of remote-controlled “drones” killing our enemies. We watch videotapes of “smart” bombs blowing up bunkers. more »»

Do what is best for the community

May 28, 2016 If you’ve already read today’s front page, then you’ve been able to read more about the current funding dispute between Mifflin County Commissioner Steve Dunkle and the leadership of the Mifflin... more »»

America’s friendship with Canada should be cherished

May 27, 2016 A formation of nine foreign warplanes making low passes over Washington, D.C., normally would be cause for enormous alarm. But not the other day. more »»

Graduation should be celebrated; just not with alcohol

May 26, 2016 As many of our area’s young people graduate, many celebrations are bound to take place. After all, they’ve worked so hard for so long, they deserve a chance to party with friends and famil. more »»

Graduates can trust that school has prepared them to succeed

May 25, 2016 When many of our area students walk across the stage at graduation over the next few days, they’ll be at an interesting crossroads of their lives. more »»

Obama should not apologize during his visit to Hiroshima

May 24, 2016 When President Barack Obama speaks in Hiroshima, Japan, later this week, he will have to walk a microscopically fine line to lament the tragedy that occurred there in 1945, when the United States... more »»

Obama’s policy: Buy votes now, we pay later

May 23, 2016 President Barack Obama has taken vote-buying for himself and his Democrat Party to a new high in politics. more »»

Summer can still be a time of learning

May 21, 2016 As the school year winds down in our area — for many, summer vacation begins next week — it’s natural for kids to want to put down the books and pencils and go play. more »»

On too many issues, state doesn’t lead

May 20, 2016 There are fewer than 50 days remaining until the start of Pennsylvania’s 2016-17 fiscal year on July 1, and there's no word on whether a state budget agreement is possible by that date. more »»

Congress should be lauded for not blindly throwing cash at problem for once

May 19, 2016 Most of us recognize the danger of spur-of-the-moment spending decisions. We guard against marketing strategies intended to make us reach for our credit cards first and ask questions later. more »»

Funding needed, with safeguards, for substance abuse

May 18, 2016 Most members of Congress no doubt comprehend the need for more spending on drug addiction treatment programs. more »»

GOP isn’t only party worried about division within its ranks

May 17, 2016 Just a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton and other Democrat Party leaders were chortling with glee at what they called disarray in the Republican Part. more »»

Simply labeling terrorism as ‘mental illness’ doesn’t do it justice

May 16, 2016 German authorities say there is no link between Islamic terrorism and a man who stabbed four people at a train station Tuesday. The attacker is just mentally ill, they explain. more »»

We must demand more of our president than just ‘playing the game’

May 14, 2016 Though it should not be unexpected, there are always shockwaves near the end of presidential administrations when someone lifts the veil and we are reminded of the way politicians really think and... more »»

Obama: The environmental president ... except when he isn’t

May 13, 2016 President Barack Obama wants us to think of him as the environmental president. It just isn’t true. more »»

Subway users may have more to fear from system itself

May 12, 2016 Because terrorists have targeted subways several times in the past, security officials often pay special attention to that mode of transportation. more »»

Long-term effects of low oil prices could cripple US

May 11, 2016 America’s need for natural gas and oil has not lessened. To the contrary, as more and more gas-fired power plants are built, demand will soar. more »»

North Korea is a threat to world peace

May 10, 2016 North Korea clearly is working feverishly to increase its military capability and to heighten worry about it among other world leader. more »»



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