Library snow days: all coming full circle

Growing up, I loved snow days as much as when a teacher would wheel in a TV to our classroom. We knew we would watch a movie and would get to take it a bit easier. With snow days, I knew I would get to play outside in the snow, making forts, making money shoveling snow for neighbors, and getting to have an overall adventure.

As a librarian, that thrill is completely gone. I am up at the wee hours of the morning trying to understand weather patterns and constantly refreshing the school district’s website to see if they are going to delay or close. If I decide to do either, I have to figure out a time for staff to come in or contact each of them to say they can stay home, change the answering machine message to say when we will open or be closed, post online a message to say when we will open or be closed, notify groups who were going to use our community rooms that they can’t use it today, and have to hear it from patrons who somehow made it all the way into the library only to find out we were closed.

After all, if they could make it in to the library, why couldn’t we? See how the thrill is gone?

I can’t let myself be overcome by just one emotion. I have to find balance and also see the good in a snow day. I get to work from home, which is rather nice; no distractions and I get to catch up on things. I can step away from my phone and email and not feel bad about it. I can substitute my normal yogurt and fruit cup lunch for soup and a sandwich. And I can get a “mental health day,” where I look outside and let my imagination run wild. The brain needs that type of thing from time to time like a car engine needs an oil change.

If you ever wonder if the library is open, closed, or delayed, just call us and we will have our answering machine reflect that. Our pages online (website, social media) will have posts saying what we plan on doing. No overdue fees will be charged on snow days, so enjoy that extra day. Also, we usually follow the school district’s lead, so if they close or delay, we do the same.

A book isn’t worth your safety out on the roads; if you see snow in the forecast, take an extra book with you next time you visit the library!


Vince Giordano has been the director of the Juniata County Library since 2015. Donate to the library today! It takes less than a minute. Visit our website or write to us.


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