A universe of stories is waiting


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …”

“Space … The final frontier … These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission …”

“This is the Starship Enterprise … Its continuing mission …”

“Danger Will Robinson …”

“Meet George Jetson … his boy Elroy….”

Do you remember these iconic words from television shows and movies? We’ve all been fascinated with time, space, galaxies, space travel, rocketry and the universe at some point in our lives.

This year, we launched our Summer Reading program for children, teens and adults with the theme, “A Universe of Stories.”

Become an armchair astronaut and travel to a different universe with each book you read or listen to. Relive the first humans landing on the moon, marking NASA’s 50th anniversary.

Those of us who are a certain age need to read about the planets because what we learned in elementary science class is no longer true/correct. I was taught to remember the planets and their positions from the sun with this learning aid, “Mary’s Violet Eyes Make John Sit Up Nights Proposing.”

Using the first letter of each word in this sentence equates to:

Mary’s = Mercury

Violet = Venus

Eyes = Earth

Make = Mars

John = Jupiter

Sit = Saturn

Up = Uranus

Nights = Neptune

Proposing = Pluto.

One is no longer considered a planet. Do you know which one? Come and find out.

The purpose of the Summer Reading Program is to encourage pleasure reading during the time when school is not in session.

Children who read for pleasure during the months that school is not in session maintain, and even increase, their vocabulary and retention skills more than children who do not read during this time.

According to Statista, a worldwide statistical collection firm, 53 percent of vacationers read during their leisure time. Whatever your age, there is comfort in knowing if we continue to read during June, July and August, we will not become “dumber in the summer.”

While reading unto itself is a satisfying journey, we do have some terrific prizes to inspire you to keeping reading all summer long. We also have many programs for all ages to bring literature alive and learn a new fact or two. You may register to participate in the Summer Reading Program in person at the library or virtually through our website.

So, what are you waiting for? Blast off with a great book and travel through a Universe of Stories.


Molly S. Kinney is the director of the Mifflin County Library. She has blasted off her summer reading with “The Nowhere Man” (Orphan X #2) by Gregg Hurwitz.


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