Support state Senate bill to protect our rights

To the editor:

Even though the commonwealth prohibits local authorities from enacting gun laws that go beyond those passed by the legislature, some have done so and essentially told the citizens “sue me if you don’t like it.”

The unintended consequence of allowing such illegal ordinances to stand without challenge is that all other preemptive statutes come under scrutiny. Imagine having to show your driver’s licenses every time you cross county, township or borough lines. It would become daunting for its citizens, slow down commerce and potentially bring local businesses to a halt.

The reality is just recently Gov. Tom Wolf and anti-gun advocates held a press conference outlining gun legislation that would jeopardize a gun owner’s right to carry their firearm and would expedite the trickle-down effect of citizens’ rights under our constitution via local government and executive branch overreach, which creates a slippery slope that erodes at our personal civil liberties protected by our constitution to prevent government overreach in our daily lives.

Fortunately, there is a bill being considered in our state Senate (SB 448) that will bring uniformity and advance gun safety in our communities. Support of this bill is not just protection of gun owners’ right to bear arms, but more importantly protection for our individual civil liberties.

Doug Sellers



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