If Christmas is pricey, thank a Democrat

To the editor:

In response to Joan Loewen’s Nov. 20 letter about thanking Democrats for the infrastructure bill.

Do you have any idea what bipartisan means? On the Senate side the vote was 69 to 30, all 30 against being Republicans. Without those 30 Republican votes where would the bill be? Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back. Everyone was on board for infrastructure. The stick in the spokes was how much and where to spend. This was not a Democrat victory. It was a Democrat debacle!

Democrats and Nancy Pelosi failed in their effort to tie the Build Back Better Bill to this infrastructure bill. The infrastructure bill could have passed with bipartisan support months ago. Thank Republicans for blocking the Democrats’ intended marriage of the two bills.

Without Republican restraint, trillions more would be pilled on our debt! Thank a Republican for common sense spending. Much of the infrastructure bill was needed. Some of it will only benefit some Americans. There is not much public transportation in Mifflin County or the need for it but we will help pay for it. How about the $1 billion for “Reconnecting Communities” by removing barriers? Maybe we could request moving U.S. 322/22. This way South Hills could be closer to the Borough of Lewistown. Granted this concept is meant for metropolitan areas but has pork and vote buying written all over it.

As it is we are a nation in decline from Democratic policy. Inflation of every daily necessities is killing our ability to live on what we earn. If you can’t afford a Merry Christmas, thank a Democrat!

Michael C. Spahr



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