Feds have no right to mandate vaccines

To the editor:

In answer to Mr. Bray might I state clearly his option is basically dictatorial.

No free people should be required to have their body injected with anything, especially something not affirmed to be safe. And the so-called COVID “vaccine” has had too many negative effects on people to be declared as such.

I had both “vaccinations” but I did so not because it was mandated but due to my many health concerns. It was a CHOICE I made for myself. It was never something I did to satisfy others or in abeyance of a government bureaucrat.

I do have a question, Mr. bray? If the “vaccine” is so protective then why would I or anyone else who received the shots be treated as being anti-social for not wearing a mask? Would the mask protect them or others, or even myself, from contracting the disease? I strongly doubt that! In fact most of those contracting the disease today are unvaccinated, many of whom wore masks, and many of them demanding others follow their lead.

Never before after being vaccinated were people ‘mandated, to wear a mask. Why is this situation any different? Might it be that the “vaccine” is experimental or even, God forbid, less than effective? I really am not qualified to make that determination but I can fully understand why so many are suspicious.

I do believe COVID has become less a health issue and more a political one. If it were treated solely as a concern of medicine then why not initiate a test for antibodies which would indicate a level of immunity or lack thereof? And those people showing antibodies would have a perfectly good reason for refusing the injections.

That would have been my option of it had been available to me since it was shown I had inherited immunity to small pox long after haven been given the vaccination. Others too share such immunities otherwise humanity would have been wiped off the face of Europe during the Black Plague and too the American people in the early 1900s when the Spanish flu erased so many lives.

I prefer to think an informed people would be better served than those treated as lemmings.

Diane L. Logan



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