Wouldn’t it be nice to end political parties?

To the editor:

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were no political parties? Then, politicians would not be bound by party loyalties and could vote any way they wanted on any issue.

For instance, I’ll bet there are more Democrats than Manchin and Sinema who would like to vote against this $ 3.5 trillion behemoth, but then they would get beat up by Schumer or Pelosi, the same old story.

Washington is simply a matter of which party wins, with the good of the country an example of “the devil take the hindmost.”

If there were no parties, there wouldn’t be any primaries, and at the general election there might be four or five viable presidential candidates on the ballot. And, the voting for the Speaker of the House would not be between two party caucus choices, but perhaps, again, between several viable candidates from the whole House. We must remember that this is an important election, as the speaker is behind only the vice president in the line for the presidency; and, if you think about it, the current speaker becoming president some day is an event that is within the range of possibility.

I know that the idea of no political parties is just a fantasy, but if enough people in this country changed their registrations to independent, that might at least get politicians thinking about a new sort of world in which they might have to start thinking for themselves on a regular basis, hopefully for the good of the country rather than for whether they’re going to stay in office or not. (What a pipedream.)

Anyway, if I’m to put my money where my mouth is, I have to register independent, so I’m off to the courthouse!

John Brittain



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