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Biden and AP pointed out an anomaly

To the editor:

The article on Page A2 in the Oct. 6 Sentinel, San Diego AP, “US says record low refugee admissions are partly due to COVID-19 pandemic.”

The article states 11,411 were allowed into the U.S. last budget year (Oct. 1, 2020 to Sept. 30, 2021) “and far below the 62,500 ceiling President Biden set in May.”

Please note the “record low” admissions were for one San Diego entry point, not the U.S. total for the year.

Since there are over 300 entry points into the U.S. (actual number not available) it appears the AP and President Biden chose to reveal an anomaly.

A more relevant and accurate number is listed by the Customs and Border Patrol as “enforcement actions” (apprehensions) for the year as 1,741,956, plus an unknown number of “getaways” and “sneak-ins.”

The latter two groups are the main source of illegal drugs.

John Wilson


Democrats will give, until they want to take

To the editor:

This letter is about the pie-in-the-sky that the Democrats keep promising. A guaranteed living wage. Free child care. Free this, free that, free health care. Unemployment compensation so high that it is hard to get people to go back to work. They want free college for everyone including the illegals. They promise all this and much more. All you have to do is stop thinking for yourself and keep voting for them and swallowing their Kool-aid and become a mind-numb robot. It is just buying votes, folks.

It is all part of the Democratic lust for power. They want to make so many people dependent on a government run by Democrats that you will willingly give up your rights and allow them to dictate every aspect of your life to you. This socialist communist utopia does not work. It never has. It never will.

It always ends up one way. When the government finally runs out of other people’s money, and it will, this government will turn on the people and enslave them. The government, in order to presever itself and keep its wealth, will make slaves of anyone not part of the government. Instead of being supported by the government, you will work to support the government. You will work where, when and how the government wants you to work. You will survive on what the government wants you to or you will perish.

That is, unless, you rebel and overthrow that government. And that is exactly why the Democrats want gun control measures in this country. They want to take away the means of the people to rebel and change their lot.

Stephen E. Sellers



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