Please explain how Biden makes US better

To the editor:

This is a rebuttal to Ms. Loewen’s Wednesday, Oct. 5 Sentinel claim of my prior letters’ lack of reality.

Never did I claim Trump was perfect nor his policies. It was a comparison between a competent president and incompetent president. No one is perfect.

Ms. Loewen, can you now please list how Mr. Biden has even attempted to bring this county together, how the economy is better, how the border is better, how COVID could be handled better, how spending and raising taxes will not ruin our children’s future? No, all you can do is beat down Trump! If that is your answer I feel sorry for you. Biden is a sleepwalking catastrophe taking this country down the road to ruin. He is a shinning example of the failure of Democrats and their socialist ideals.

Please explain how buying votes with social programs betters the country? Who will pay for this? Don’t say the rich and corporate money because they will just pass the tax burden on to you and me.

Ms. Loewen, please take a moment and enlighten everyone on how much better the USA is today and how bright our future is with Biden in charge.

I’m laughing through my tears already.

Michael C. Spahr



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