Brown Township needs Jamie Fultz

Editor’s note: This letter was received by the deadline for election letters but had been inadvertently omitted until this point. Because it was submitted on time, we have elected to publish it.

To the editor:

I am writing in support of Jamie Fultz for Brown Township Supervisor. Jamie served a 6-year term previously as a supervisor and deserves another. His prior service shows he worked to keep taxes low and improve our community.

With our current supervisors declining to appropriately fund their legal, statutory mandate of providing EMS coverage for Brown Township residents, it is more important than ever to elect an individual who will do the right thing. Jamie has been actively involved in the operations of Milroy Ambulance Board and has been working to continue that coverage for Brown Township residents. Since Reedsville Fire Company has no EMS or ambulance service, the supervisors will have to help fund Milroy Ambulance or raise an EMS tax to fund Fame for both ALS and BLS services. Jamie is working toward avoiding that additional real estate EMS tax for Brown Township residents.

I hope voters look at the differences in the two candidates. Jamie Fultz is the Republican candidate and I hope you join me in supporting him on Nov. 2.

Dave Molek



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