Aren’t you proud you voted for Biden?

To the editor:

Aren’t you proud? Aren’t you just so proud you voted Biden, Democrat (your own words)?

Will you still be proud when our soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen come home in body bags the next time we have to fight the wacko Islamics? Killed by our own state-of-the-art weapons, that our president so graciously left for the taliban. Our troops don’t all get the most advanced weapons, but the taliban will have plenty for themselves, al­qaeda and isis.

I know, we destroyed some of those weapons, but only a small percentage of them. Do you know what happened to some of those state-of-the-art weapons? Within a day they were in Russia and China being analyzed for the purpose of improving their own weapons of war.

It would be a comedy of errors if it weren’t so tragic. Desiring to appear to compensate for that tragic blunder, Biden ordered an attack to kill a terrorist leader. But, instead of killing a terrorist, he killed seven children and three adults, no terrorists. Another blunder.

Do you remember the southern border? A massive invasion of illegal aliens, at Biden’s invitation. We now know it’s intentional. He was on TV saying it while he was vice president. Whites will be a minority by 2017, and he was happy about it.

Under Trump we produced enough energy to export some. Now we don’t, thanks to Biden.

We have millions of people out of work, not because of a lack of jobs, but because the government gives them more for not working than they can make by working.

The result of Biden’s policies will be devastating to us all.

Are you still proud to have voted for Democrats and Biden?

Many of you probably are. It must be because such things as choice (baby torture, torment, mutilation and murder) are more important to you than all of the dreadful results of Biden, Democrat policies.

I’ve known we have been in a slow decline for over 50 years. But who would have thought one administration could destroy us in less than a year?

Aren’t you proud you voted Democrat? You know, if you have even a modicum of common sense, you will listen to news sources other than NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and their ilk. You don’t have to like them or believe them, Just watch and listen.

PS: It just dawned on me why the world has always been in turmoil.

Like with the Scots. All they wanted was to be left alone, but there’s always some power hungry mad men that want to rule everyone. Or like when we find primitive tribes who have never been in touch with our version of civilization. Some do-gooder just has to help them, fix them and in the process, destroy them.

Let’s see. What other crazy things have they done? 1. Giving presidential attempted assassin John Hinckley unconditional release. 2. Passing legislation to enable them to draft your young daughters and wives and mothers.

Don’t you just love that, Democrats. I can’t keep up with them. Aren’t you proud?

Donald Hirakis



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