A person is in there, even if we can’t see it

To the editor:

I want to thank George Fisher for allowing a lesson to be taught in botany. He said an acorn is not an oak tree. He is wrong. Inside all seeds are the plant. Look inside an acorn or seed and you will find a very minute plant. The moment fertilzation occurs, followed by mitosis, the DNA begins to produce in the case of an acorn, roots, stems, leaves. It is all there from conception in the DNA.

The DNA will establish through time what we as humans can recognize as parts of a tree. Just because we think it is not a tree, does not make it so. The point is, it is all there at the beginning of its life. It does not magically just appear along the way. If this is wrong, then all my biology, botany and genetics professors in my undergraduate classes in a secular university were wrong.

In humans, the heart and all the body parts are there from conception written into the DNA or they would never develop in the human body.

Now the question is when does it turn into a baby? According to George, it is this magical transforming moment the cord is cut. Or is it halfway through the cord it becomes a baby, or does it have to be three-quarters cut for there to be a baby? When does the magic occur, when the last trillionth part of the last cell of the cord is cut?

George said it is not until this precise magical moment it transforms into a baby. Magic can be a lot of fun, but very problematic when you start to believe in it. Eyes see what “we want” to see.

Donald Wise



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