You can’t ‘debunk’ facts, Mr. Fisher

To the editor:

In response to Mr. Fisher’s letter on Sept. 9:

I respect your right to an opinion. You can disagree with “Author,” no problem. But debunk. No way.

I will reply to your letter’s opinions in order.

As I stated in my prior letter, get two economists and you will get two opinions. There is no way any government can do a better job than free enterprise! Period. Government only inhibits business or subsidizes its failures! Government regulation is a cancer.

A roof over my family’s head and food on the table are far more important than a “school event.” I stated two jobs were tough. You must be a dyed in the wool liberal Mr. Fisher, looking for the easy way out and wanting government to do it for you. You want an Access Card and a home in subsidized housing so you can spend your earned money on the family? Is that it? What I really dislike is you want to take my money to pay for necessities. Why look to your liberal shepherd to save you? Are you that helpless you can’t help yourself?

Your statement will not hold water! You said:

“Raising the minimum wage would mean more money in the economy meaning that people would have more money to spend meaning that companies would need to hire more people just to be able to meet the need of people spending more.”

In a perfect world that would work. We don’t live in a perfect world.

If the mandatory wage raise is an expense beyond a business budget, what happens to your theory? The employer is now unemployed himself. The jobs he provided are gone! Then there is more unemployment compensation and drain on working people with more taxes to pay for more people not working. More people back in the job pool and less jobs to go around.

You cannot group a wage to every business. Some can afford it but most small business can’t. Who is the government, to tell someone who can’t afford it, how they must spend their own money?

It’s obvious you never owned or operated a small business. I did for six years. This cost would have bankrupted me. Think about it. Liberals want free education, free health care, free living wage, free, free, free. Nothing is free in business or government!

Robert Reich can count but is out of touch with reality. He is a liberal with a liberal mentality that government can create a perfect world. It can’t! Figures don’t lie, liars figure!

My condolences to you on your family’s loss.

My mother was born during the Spanish flu in 1918. She was one of the toughest persons I ever knew. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Every individual is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.

The COVID death rate was 2%. It is now 1.6%. Going down! This is not to say it could not go back up.

Follow this logic, enter a restaurant with a mask on but it’s OK to take it off once you are seated? Students must mask but athletes don’t! Follow that logic! You must get the vaccine but it is not foolproof and the trial period does not end until 2023. That’s logical?

I am not against cautions and prevention for COVID. I am against forcing people to do things they have the “right” not to do. Poor planning on your part (people in general) to protect yourself does not constitute an emergency on my part to ruin my life! If you feel the need, isolate, stay away from everyone. Keep your elderly relatives away from Democratic governors who put them in infected nursing homes. Protect yourself however you can. Leave me alone. If conservatives want to go off that cliff it is none of your business. You won’t be better off if they do because few will be left to pay taxes and your free liberal wants! Then what?

Biden is the pits! He is a bonafide failure! Inflation is up due to his energy and economic policy. Don’t you buy gas? Have you been to the grocery store? Why is Biden looking at a commission to investigate the price of everything going up? All he has to do is look in the mirror! Until these monumental spending packages hit the streets in force, the proverbial wheelbarrow of money won’t be enough for a loaf of bread! His foreign policy is treasonous! The man is asleep at the wheel and liberals are singing in the back seat giving directions. All of this has only taken 9 months! Good grief, will we survive three more years?

As far as Biden’s numbers are going, be patient they are still going down. I’m not worried about Trump’s numbers, he’s long gone. Bringing him up just confirms your guilty mind. I’m worried about the old man at the wheel. What he does, affects me. We are the laughing stock of the planet due to his incompetence. We are going backwards on the world stage. This makes us all vulnerable!

Biden is a documented life long liar and liberals have been lying for so long (five years now) you have lost track of the truth. Impeachments, quid pro quo, guilt by association, the election rule changes and now Jan. 6. Your batting average is zero! The liberal mind is guilty and infected to the point of denial!

If you don’t want to accept this that is your business! You can’t debunk it! It is not a myth. You can only disagree.

Death is no myth! It affects millions every year. Far, far more than those who die from COVID-19. Millions more! In 2018 these conditions killed this many people: Heart disease 655,381, Cancer 599,274, Lower Respiratory 159,864.

This is just the top three killers yearly. Admittedly not contagious but deadly by themselves. These are “some” of the underlying conditions that COVID makes worse. This is where the help is needed. If you have these conditions, isolate, seek help!

Why are we in disagreement over COVID as a cause of death? Would people without disease die of COVID? Why does the COVID drum bang so loud and so often? Why is the the case count reported several times a day? Why is there so much misinformation about COVID? The vaccine will save us, won’t save everyone, delta variant, mask, no mask, lock down, repeal lock down, booster shots, affects mainly the elderly, now affects everyone. Is it any wonder we are divided?

Fear is the answer. Evidently liberals enjoy living in fear and their liberal-run media likes to keep them wallowing in it!

On average about 2.7 million die every year in the United States. With COVID it will be in the 3 million range (CDC estimates). All of the official CDC numbers are not listed for 2020 yet.

98% (+ or -) 1% of those infected with COVID survive. Survive!

Don’t live in fear!

Michael C. Spahr



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